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The Australia Holidays 2016 Guide

Posted by James on 16/12/2015
Australia 2016 Holiday Guide

All Ways Tailormade recently published an article which highlights some of the destinations which should be on your wish list if you are visiting Australia during 2016.

Naturally Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef are always popular choices because they are such iconic sights. However, they are also popular tourist destinations and therefore very busy. Instead, what is on offer if you want to escape the mainstream?

To answer this question the people over at All Ways Tailormade asked twenty top travel bloggers what one destination or attraction would they recommend visitors head to if they are touring this beautiful continent. The results uncovered places you might not have thought of for yourself, but once hearing about them, they are destinations you definitely won’t want to miss out on. 

Below is a map highlighting areas of interest in Australia.

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As an outline of the suggestions they made, let’s travel around the regions of Australia and find out what’s to offer.

Western Australia

The less visited Western region of Australia is perfect for those who love nature, wildlife and stunning landscapes. The Broome and the Kimberley Region was suggested by one blogger and it will definitely appeal to those who want to experience the Australian Outback and who are fans of the great outdoors.

Rottnest Island was so popular it was put forward by two travel writers, both of whom suggested taking time to visit the ever smiling Quokka population. If Koalas are your favourite animal then take a trip to Raymond Island where you can see them in their natural habitat.

Tree Top Walk near Walpole offers just what its name suggests, a walk on top of and through a forest of tingle trees. Finally in Western Australia, Margaret River was suggested for all those who love the beach and delicious local produce.

Wonderful beach of Queensland, aerial view
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Northern Territory

Uluru is in central Australia and you can travel on the Ghan Train all the way up through the red centre to Darwin in the North. Also, don’t miss out on the Kangaroo Sanctuary in the heart of the continent at Alice Springs, home to Chris Barnes who starred in the BBC programme ‘Kangaroo Dundee’.

Landscape of Australian Countryside
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Next we travel down to the far south of the continent to visit Victoria.  Here you can enjoy the rocky landscape and forests of The Grampians National Park, so stunning that it was a region suggested by two bloggers. A further writer suggested the Cathedral Range if you have a love of outdoor sports such as hiking, rock climbing or abseiling. Alternatively take a road trip along the Great Ocean Road, stopping at Apollo Bay.

Close to Melbourne, Wilsons Promontory National Park, or “The Prom’ as it is known locally is a piece of largely untouched wilderness, offering stunning beaches and diverse wildlife. Finally if food and wine are your passions you will want to linger in the Geelong-Bellarine region.

Twelve Apostles in Australia
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New South Wales

Two very different attractions were nominated in New South Wales. The first is the Dorrigo National Park, a rainforest which is almost the same as it was when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The second is the Australian Open of surfing which takes place at Manly Beach in Sydney. This event happens at the end of February and it’s where you can catch some of the best surfers from around the world.


Tasmania is an island state and well off the beaten track for many tourists. It offers miles of stunning beaches which you often have to yourself. Port Arthur is the place to head for history lovers and Hobart offers a relaxed atmosphere and café culture.


Finally we find ourselves in Queensland and this region was suggested by three of the travel writers. Magnetic Island is renowned for its stunning landscape and the cute wallabies that have made their home there.

North of Brisbane is The Sunshine Coast and this is a more family friendly alternative to the Gold Coast. Off the coast here you can find a series of islands known as The Whitsundays. To get there you need to take a short plane hop across the water but by the sounds of it the journey is definitely worth it. 

Walking out to the waves
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