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Ten Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 11/01/2017
10 jobs that allow you to travel the world featured image

For as long as we have been walking this incredible planet of ours, we have wanted to explore it.

We can all agree that there is nothing quite like experiencing a new culture and the hunger for it is certainly increasing.

In fact, in 2016 the Daily Express reported figures showing that more British people are choosing to holiday abroad than ever before. That is, of course, despite the rising cost of travel following the decision to leave the European Union.

So, regardless of the slight rise in costs, it seems that none of us are deterred from heading elsewhere for a holiday.

When Life Gets In The Way

Unfortunately, as much as we might all love to travel, often our day-to-day life gets in the way of us visiting everywhere we would like.

There are generally two reasons for this, the first and most obvious being money. Heading off on a 12-month tour of the globe isn’t cheap and while we would all love to do it, for many, it simply isn’t plausible.

The other reason which potentially stops us from travelling where we would like is our current jobs.

Annual leave only offers a certain amount of holiday days each year. On top of this, you would have to be a very understanding boss in able to take more than two weeks at a time.

Travel Jobs

So, if you want to travel more but feel your professional life keeps getting in the way, what can you do about it? Well, the obvious answer would be to find a job which involves a lot of travel.

The scale of travel jobs has changed substantially over the years. Once reserved for elite writers or members of the navy, there are now many professions which can take you to every corner of the world.

Travel writing is a great example. Once upon a time the way in which many of us learned about exotic cultures around the globe was via travel writers.

However, the internet age has allowed for anyone to become a travel writer via blogging. Now there is every conceivable travel writing niche online, helping everyone discover new and interesting things around the world.

You can read more about how much things have changed in this post on


So, if you fancy swapping your current job for something which will let you see a little more of the world, what’s on offer. has created a very interesting infographic presenting a range of jobs in different industries that involve lots of travel.

It’s called Ten Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World and it offers something for everyone.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, why not head to the world’s beaches or snowy peaks to teach surfing or skiing?

Perhaps you excel at front of house and would consider becoming a flight attendant.

Maybe you have a more creative and fancy trying your hand at photography or even travel blogging? The world really is your oyster!

Read about these jobs as and plenty more in the infographic below. 

10 jobs that allow you to travel the world infographic