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Ten Exotic Holiday Destinations for the Adventurous

Posted by Sumit De Sarkar on 12/10/2014
Ten Exotic Holiday Destinations for the Adventurous

Just like prehistoric epic voyages, adventures can be fun and fulfilling, especially if you visit some of the unexplored travel destinations in the world. The thrill and adventure that go along with these amazing holidays will always leave you yearning for more. The following are some of the best exotic holiday destinations for the adventurous.

  1. Petra – Jordan

Petra or Rose City is an archaeological town in Jordan that possesses one the most stunning architectural masterpieces in the world. Indeed, it is amazing that the entire city is a carving, out of a rock canyon complete with a water conduit system. The city has various unexplored natural reserves including gorges and desert lowlands, with Mujib being the lowest in the world. Accommodation in one of the ancient structures will always be an adventurous prospect for any holidaymaker. 

  1. Transylvania – Romania

Transylvania is a region in central Romania encircled by the famous Carpathian Mountains. Having had its fair share of prehistoric battles, the region boasts several historical and cultural attractions including The Fortified Church of Biertan, the wooden Church of Cizer, and Dracula’s Castle among many others. The region is ideal for hiking and camping along the Carpathian ranges or boat riding along the Danube River. 

  1. Jurmala – Latvia

Jurmala is a city between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River in Latvia. It boasts of being the largest seaside resort in the Baltic States. With a coastline that runs for more than 560 Kilometres, Jurmala is popular for its quartz-covered sandy beaches and shallow coastal waters. Moreover, the thick forests of the Kemeni National Park are popular for nature trails, camping and bird watching. Affordable accommodation is available among the various 19th century wooden beach houses and hotels. 

  1. Ljubljana – Slovenia

Slovenia brags of over 8,000 natural caves, making it quite an exciting travelling prospect for adventurous holidaymakers. In order to explore these natural caves, you need to hire a guide to avoid the chances of getting lost in the dense forest. Other popular activities including hiking, nature walks, cycling and water sports. Depending on your preferences, you could camp in one of the certified caves or stay in a hotel. 

  1. Varanasi – India

Varanasi boasts of being one of the oldest living cities in the world. It is a holy city according to Hindus, as they believe that if you die in the Varanasi River, you will receive instant salvation. Popular for its religious festivals and cultural events, a visit to Varanasi is not for the faint hearted. A visit to the thrilling Ramnagar Fort, Jantar Mantar and the embankments along the river Varanasi will leave you yearning for more. 

  1. Tangier – Morocco

Tangier, Morocco traces its roots to as early as 5 BC. Founded and inhabited by the Carthaginian colonialists, Tangier offers its visitors a splendid holiday experience. Its location along the Strait of Gibraltar and the intersection where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean provides a breathtaking point of attraction. Popular tourist activities include wind surfing, scuba diving, water sports and boat riding. Accommodation from the available beach resorts gives you value for money. 

  1. Moravia Region – Czech Republic

The Moravia region covers Zlín Region and South Moravia in eastern part of Czech Republic. The region is famous for its natural reserves and wineries. The rolling hills of Kralicky Sneznik are some of the sites of attraction. It is also popular for downhill and cross-country skiing activities. A place to stay is not an issue as you can go camping at the feet of the Palava Mountains, or make a reservation in any of the exotic hotels. 

  1. Tallinn – Estonia

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. Situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, Tallinn is fast becoming a popular holiday destination thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage. In fact, Tallinn’s old town is on the list of World Heritage Sites. Estonia has a high percentage of forest cover making it ideal for nature walks, hiking and camping. Its secluded beaches, rolling limestone cliffs and thousands of Islands make Estonia an attractive destination for adventure holidays. 

  1. Kiriwina Islands – Papua New Guinea

Situated south of the Pacific, The Kiriwina Islands, formerly the Trobiand Islands consists of four Islands inhabited by indigenous population. The Islands boasts of massive coral reefs and exotic sandy beaches that complement an amazing seascape that covers the region. The Islands boast of a rich cultural heritage and the locals will not fear showing you their cultural practices especial during the yam festival. You can access the various islands using hand propelled boats or motorboats.

10. Tel Aviv – Israel

Since time in memorial, Israel was renowned for religious pilgrimages but this is no longer the case. Water sports and outdoor activities such as hiking and floating on the Dead Sea are fast becoming popular among adventure tourists. The magnificent Mediterranean beaches offer visitors a chance to enjoy the sunny Tel Aviv weather. 

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