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Take the Headache out of your Holiday

Posted by Naomi Pinder at Jackson Canter on 24/05/2016
Take the headache out of your holiday

When you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, there can be a lot to think about – deciding which places you’d like to visit, packing enough shorts and flip flops and saying your goodbyes to loved ones. With so much going on, the admin side of travelling can be overlooked, so, here’s how to take the headache out of your holiday!

Our top tips for stress-free travelling:


  • Always check your passport is in date prior to your trip. You can renew it online (costing £72.50) and it usually takes around three weeks for the process but it can take up to six in peak times. There is a fast-track process – costing up to £128 – if you need it to be renewed within a day. It’s a good idea to photocopy your passport, too. That way, you have all the information you might need, should you lose it.


  • If you’re heading to the USA, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct passport. New US visa waiver rules mean that you need a biometric passport to use the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). If your passport was issued on, or after, 26 October 2006, it’s an e-passport (biometric) and you’re fine to travel. Still not sure? There should be a symbol on the front which tells you it is the correct version.


  • Make sure you have travel insurance. This is really important, and something that is often overlooked by travellers. Policies are often reasonably priced and will cover you for a range of eventualities.


  • If you’re travelling within the EU, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will get you free or discounted medical treatment at state-run hospitals and GPs in any European Union country. The card is free but you’ll need to make sure yours is in date prior to travelling.


  • Consider your financial security whilst away. If you were to lose your cards and other identity documents, you could be stranded halfway across the world without access to any cash. The newly-introduced traveller’s insurance package makes sure someone at home is able to take care of your affairs in your absence. This may even be to transfer some money from your bank if you have lost both your bank card and passport.


    • The package costs £200 +VAT but, for many travellers, knowing you have that financial back-up is priceless.


  • Check the weight of your luggage before setting off to the airport. You don’t want to be that person re-packing their suitcase at the check-in desk. You certainly don’t want to wear several layers of clothing to avoid the weight limit, either.


  • Collect your travel money before your holiday – the exchange rates at airports mean you’ll lose out considerably.


  • Going somewhere a little more exotic? Be sure to research any vaccinations you might need prior to your trip. Your GP may offer some of the jabs for free but others may incur a charge.


  • Remember to turn off your 3G/4G data roaming on your mobile phone, or you could be in for an eye-watering phone bill on your return.


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