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Brighton has it all. It’s a culturally diverse city, with interesting architecture, museums, sea, a pier, great shops, fantastic restaurants, cool bars and an eclectic mix of nightlife. It’s a mini London-by-the-sea, with a friendlier and more chilled atmosphere. Brighton is also a compact city, so almost everything is accessible on foot (and the odd […]

5 Places to Visit Around Western Ghats

Posted by Rohit Agarwal on 09/04/2017
Jog Falls

The world’s making unthinkable progress. Along with the several upsides, one of the major downsides in environmental degradation. And that is why everything being rightfully eco-friendly nowadays, including tourism. As such, the Western Ghats of India are one of those rare desirable tourist spots which combine beauty with ecological value. Branded a UNESCO World Heritage […]

7 Hidden European Destinations To Visit

Posted by Sophia Jones on 08/04/2017
7 Hidden European Destinations To Visit Featured Image

Well, I just don’t understand whenever people are being asked the best European destinations, Paris and London always seem to top their list. Yes, even I also agree that both of these places are great whether you are planning your honeymoon, going on holidays with your kids, or you are planning to get married.   […]

Seven Reasons Why You Need to Visit Prince Edward Island, Canada

Posted by Janie The Dime Travelers on 07/04/2017
Confederation Bridge

When I was a child, my family’s favorite summer destination was the tiny island of Prince Edward Island (PEI) on the east coast of Canada. With the freshest seafood, wonderful beaches, campgrounds, and activities for everyone, it was an easy consensus between my siblings, parents, and I.   Over the years, PEI has only slightly […]

10 Reasons Why Goa is a Beach Paradise

Posted by Hari Mohan on 04/04/2017
10 Reasons why Goa is a beach paradise Featured Image

Beaches in Goa are famous among beach lovers from all over the world. The smallest state in India enjoys a long coastline along the Arabian Sea, therefore a number of beautiful beaches, almost 50 in number. After visiting Goan beaches, I must say it’s never easy to choose only 10 beaches in Goa, especially when […]

8 Things To Do While Backpacking Across Southeast Asia Featured Image

Southeast Asia is a paradise for backpackers and budget travellers, having a rich ancient past perfectly amalgamated with the modernities of the present. With vast stretches of golden beaches, dense tropical rainforests, lush green mountains and fertile delta regions, ruins of ancient architecture and floating markets, buzzing nightlife and dazzling skyscrapers, luxurious islands and little […]

10 Most Loved Hill Stations in South India

Posted by Kalyan Jee Jha on 21/03/2017

I have been a seasoned traveler for decades and have seen almost everything in India but to speak my mind, South India has won my heart in every way. Though the landmass of southern India is covered by waters on three sides, it is also known for its beautiful hill stations. What makes it special […]

Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK

Posted by Jenna Thorne on 17/03/2017
Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK Photo1

What about spending the holiday vacation of late spring in a sparsely populated and naturally rich region of England? Yes, we are talking of Northumberland the northernmost county of England sharing a border with Scotland. There is nothing like roaming the empty spaces and vast coastline of Northumberland with a Harley Davidson. When it comes […]

An Unconventional Holiday - 5 Advantages of Sustainable Farm Tourism Featured Image

When planning a holiday, most people first consider well-reviewed resorts that offer comfort and many options for daily relaxation and nightlife fun, but this sort of experience can be often quite draining, both financially and energy-wise. So how about an unconventional, stamina-replenishing getaway in the heart of nature?   In modern times humanity is trying […]

10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala

Posted by Kalyan Jee Jha on 05/03/2017
10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala Featured Image

I had heard a lot about Kerala being a wonderful place and worth-visiting at least once. So, last month, I planned a holiday to Kerala with my partner. What should I say? All the word of mouth appreciation was so true. Not even a single moment of my holiday was boring. I am definitely going […]

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