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Top caribbean beach resorts

Barbados Map

Thousands of people travel to the majestic and welcoming island of Barbados every year to enjoy the sun, beach, parties and delicious food. Isn’t it time you visited? We invite you to explore Barbados, fall in love with the views, taste some of the local delicacies and we’re sure you’ll want to do the whole […]

Around The Caribbean In 10 Breathtaking Landmarks Featured Image

When it comes to booking a holiday, it is more than fair to say that the world is shrinking.   You only have to go back 30-40 years to find a time when the option of flying abroad on holiday was very much a privilege.   Just take a look at this piece from the […]

why you need a beach holiday featured photo

Everybody needs a little time away from the same old, same old. Breaking away from the routine is necessary for health and well-being, especially if you feel like your work’s already burning you out and every day that you have to do it just depletes your life of joy.   Treat yourself to a holiday […]

Which Caribbean Island Is Best For You? [Quiz]

Posted by Brian Jones on 24/02/2017
Which Caribbean Island Is Best For You Quiz Featured Image

Did you know there are over 7,000 islands and 28 countries in the Caribbean? With so many options how do you know what is right for your next holiday? Find out which island is perfect for you by taking our quiz. Surprised by the result and recommendation? Share your results with everyone and take again […]

Embark on Solo Yacht Adventures in the Caribbean

Posted by Dirce Carolina Guerra Quezada on 10/12/2016
Embark on Solo Yacht Adventures in the Caribbean Featured Photo

The sun, waves, and magic of the Caribbean remind us of our childhood games playing pirate. It’s only fitting to think of the glory days of sea adventure since there is no better way to explore the Caribbean than by boat. Sadly, until recently there weren’t many options available for those of us traveling alone. […]

Top 10 Caribbean Beach Resorts

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 12/12/2014
Top 10 Caribbean Beach Resorts

It’s cold, it’s foggy, it’s rainy… But somewhere out there the sun is shining, the fresh ocean breeze is welcome amid the hot tropical temperatures, and the crystal clear waters become our new home. Just imagine the sand in your toes, the salt water in your hair, the refreshing cocktail in your hand – we’re […]