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See Why Brits Love Spain and Portugal Beaches [Slideshow]

When all you can think about is kicking your shoes off and feeling the sand in your toes, the beaches of Spain and Portugal beckon. Whether it’s long, golden stretches of untouched beauty or vibrant resorts for people-watching and a sunset sangria or two, holiday packages to our favourite countries, as an extra bonus, are […]

Superb Spain Travel Experiences for Hikers

Posted by Karlis KIkuts on 22/02/2017
Atlavista del Teide

Why Spain? Turns out, Spain is the first country UK residents travel to. There’s got to be something there. That’s what we’ll show you – WHY Spain. Located in the Southwestern Europe, Spain has undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best climate in Europe. And that’s a major factor that makes it a […]

Top Spanish Beach Cities for 2017 Fun in the Sun

Whatever you’re doing right now, chances are a slice of white sand, a jug of Sangria and the sun’s hot rays would put a smile on your face. Combine this with exciting nightlife, incredible architecture and shopping galore and you have one of Spain’s top beach cities. So, why not plan a trip to Spain’s […]

The weird and the wonderful: 6 unusual dishes to try in Spain

Every culture has its culinary delights, as well as its culinary oddities. In the UK we are famed for Sunday roasts and fish ‘n’ chips. Haggis, jellied eels and deep-fried Mars bars, on the other hand, don’t quite have the same British pride behind them. They, along with marmite (another British institution), have engendered a […]

A Real Taste of Madrid

Posted by Amy Poole on 31/08/2016
A Real Taste of Madrid by Amy Poole

I’m not shy to Spanish food. Their omelette is palatable; a mixture between a quiche and potato cakes. Given the choice between chorizo and any other topping, I’d pick chorizo every time; no pizza, pasta or chicken breast is complete without its smoky hint. Maybe it’ll bring out the flavour of Weetabix too. Who knows… […]

A Weekend in the Capital of Modernism: Barcelona.

Posted by Fatima Linares on 07/06/2016
Art in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona… has the most beautiful horizon, Barcelona is a jewel in the sun, wish I could be a seagull of your beautiful sea… The song “Barcelona” for the Olympic Games of 1992 couldn’t describe better this stunning, historic and modern city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to low cost companies now it is possible […]

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

When visiting a foreign city it can be all too easy to stick to what you know and Barcelona is no exception. While some people look forward to trying new dishes, many others like to stick to what they already know. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. And while some of the items […]

Wanderlust on the White Isle: A Guide to Ibiza

Posted by Leila Jones on 20/02/2016

When someone speaks of Ibiza, you will usually think of it as a party island. Whilst this is true, it is one of the best party destinations in the world, it’s also a real island paradise. There are different parts of the island which are suitable for different types of people.  For clubbers, San Antonio […]

Get Away To These Wine Regions This Autumn 2015

If you’re a wine buff, there’s no better time to visit the world’s most famous wine regions, than autumn. The vineyards are harvested and the wonderful smell of fermenting grapes splices the air. So you can make the most out of wine festivals, tours and tastings, here’s a look at three  of our favourites. 1. Burgundy, France […]

Destination of the Week: Tenerife

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 14/11/2014
Destination of the Week: Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is also one of the last suriving European paradise isles. Its spectacular beaches and buzzing nightlife make it one of the most popular holiday destinations for British and German tourists. But Tenerife also offers tourists an array of landscapes including lush forests, exotic fauna and flora, deserts, mountains, […]

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