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Personality quiz

What Destination is Right for Your Summer 2017 Holiday Quiz

A recent survey showed Brits won’t be deterred from booking their 2017 summer holidays. Just in case you have not made a decision where you will go for your summer 2017 holiday we are here to help. Take our summer 2017 holiday quiz to find what favourite destination you should consider. Once you find out your […]

How Safe is the London Tube? [Quiz]

Posted by Brian Jones on 10/10/2016
How safe is the London tube? [quiz]

A recent article released on the Telegraph published theft statistics on the London tube obtained from Metropolitan Police Service under the Freedom of Information Act. Based on this article we have created a survey to test how safe you think the London tube is or is not. Also see our London tube safety infographic and […]

Can You Name these 20 Countries by their Flag? [Quiz]

Take our fun quiz and see if you can name these 20 countries by their flag only. You will be show in 4 options and given the answer at each stage. From more popular countries you might be more familiar with like Spain to more obscure countries like Cyprus and Jamaica. Make sure to share […]

Where in the world did these popular drinks originate quiz

Do you ever wonder where in the world your favourite drink originated? Or just maybe that famous drink with a location or place in the name is not so obvious after all? Take our fun quiz and find out where those famous drinks really originated. For full discloser, like all things in life, some famous […]

Famous Landmarks Quiz

How well do you know famous landmarks? Do you think you know the difference between Bran Castle and Edinburgh Castle? How about Sagrada Familia and St. Peter’s Basilica or Mount Fuji and Mount Everest? Take this fun quiz and test your world sights skills. Share your results in the comments and see how you compare […]

US Map

Where in the US should you holiday based on your personality? You might be surprised on the results. Take this fun and easy quiz to find out.

Can You Name That European Country [QUIZ]

Posted by Brian Jones on 19/01/2016
pin map of europe

Think you know all the countries in Europe by looking at a map? For all of you that believe you are experts here is a quiz to test what you really know. Can you identify Slovakia? Is that Austria or the Czech Republic? Where is Liechtenstein? Play this quiz and see if you can name […]

holiday quiz

If you’re having trouble trying to decide on your next holiday destination, we don’t blame you! With so many fabulous places to pick from, it can take hours to scroll through the net to figure out which area suits you best. That’s why we’ve designed a quiz, to help you out. It takes a couple […]