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The Best Places to Visit in Ireland: Editor’s Pick [Slideshow]

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and what better way to celebrate, than to don your best green attire, sip on a Guinness and check out the top places to visit? The ‘Emerald Isle’ never fails to impress, from windswept cliffs to remote stone villages and vibrant nightlife. Ancient history is on display on a backdrop of […]


The ‘Emerald Isle’ is the perfect location for both the adventure and leisure traveller. While there are a huge range of places to visit around Ireland and so many different things to see, it can often be difficult to choose just one. This is especially true for the traveller who is short on time and […]

Donegal Ireland Coast Featured Image

Ireland is an island nation that sits on the westerly aspect of Europe. With a sparse population of a little over 4.5 million people, the landscape of the place is still largely untouched in rural areas outside its cities. The natural beauty of the island is known across the globe, but what may not be […]