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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Free Flight Upgrade Featured Image

We all love holidays for the escapism they provide. For a couple of weeks each year, we can burst free from the shackles of a normal working week and jet off to somewhere far far away.   And it’s not just the actual experience of the holiday which is exciting. The process of booking a […]

Is Price the Only Factor When Booking a Flight?

Posted by Marius Fermi on 10/06/2016
Is Price the Only Factor When Booking a Flight

Without shadow of a doubt the most important aspect of booking our flights seems to be the price, at least for the majority of us. However booking a flight on the sole basis of the price can actually be a disaster waiting to happen. Why? Because there are so many other factors that influence how […]

The Top Affordable Holiday Destinations for 2016

Posted by Jodie Dewberry on 02/06/2016

The cheapest places to go on holiday aren’t always the ones you might expect. A higher flight price doesn’t have to equal a higher overall spend. Once you’ve considered spending money for everything from food and drink to transport costs, you may just be surprised at how some destinations compare. The lower cost of everything […]

How to Save Money When Booking a Flight

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 22/01/2015
How to Save Money When Booking a Flight

There are loads of ways you can save when booking your dream getaways. We’ve already covered how you can save money when booking a holiday and when booking a cruise, so this time we’ve decided to focus on flights. There are way too many myths out there about the best times to book flights and […]