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Should I Take my Dog on Holiday?

Posted by Kirsten at on 27/05/2016
Should I take my dog on holiday?

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing getaway with the family – leaving the worries of every-day life behind and getting some quality bonding time. Your dog is just as much part of the family, so why leave them behind?

The stress of planning a holiday can sometimes be multiplied when considering what to do with your pet. Finding a kennel or sitter you trust is difficult, but taking them with you could help put your mind at rest.

But where would you go?

Whether you’re planning a staycation or going abroad, taking your dog with you is now easier than ever. From a sophisticated city break in London, to a luxury 5-star country house hotel in West Sussex; there’s a world of pet-friendly accommodation out there to suit all your needs. If you do choose to go overseas, there are quite a number of legal requirements to consider, such as having a pet passport.

You want your pet to feel as much at home as possible. It’ll only cause added stress if the hotel you chose isn’t suitable for pets, so it’s always best to call ahead. With the range of excellent destinations suggested by Simply Holiday Deals across the globe, it’ll be easy finding a hotel that can cater.

Before you book

It’s a good idea to double check what facilities the hotel can offer your furry friend.

  • Do they provide a dog bed, or will you have to take your own? Some dogs would prefer their own, so keep this in mind.
  • Is there space outside for your pup to stretch their legs? There needs to be somewhere your dog can run around – or at the very least, somewhere they can go to the toilet.
  • Is there somewhere to store their food? If your dog’s diet consists of wet food, you should make sure there’s a fridge you can store it in.
  • Is there a pet sitting or dog walking service available nearby? If you’re planning to do any activities with the family that don’t involve the dog, it’s a good idea to make sure there are facilities in place so they’re not left alone.


Remember that not all dogs travel well or are happy out of their own home and smells, so keep this in mind when considering whether to take them with you or not.

Buyagift has created a handy Petiquette guide to help prepare you for your next doggycation – from hotel rules and restrictions you should consider before you go to suggestions on the best pet-friendly hotels around.

And if you do decide to bring your dog along, don’t forget their favourite toy!