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Seven Reasons Why You Need to Visit Prince Edward Island, Canada

Posted by Janie The Dime Travelers on 07/04/2017
Confederation Bridge

When I was a child, my family’s favorite summer destination was the tiny island of Prince Edward Island (PEI) on the east coast of Canada. With the freshest seafood, wonderful beaches, campgrounds, and activities for everyone, it was an easy consensus between my siblings, parents, and I.


Over the years, PEI has only slightly changed, therefore maintaining its rustic charm while improving its tourism potential. If you’re not convinced, keep reading for our top six reasons to visit PEI!


West Point Lighthouse West Point Lighthouse – Image by Dennis Jarvis via flickr


It’s a family friendly destination

A safe destination that is easy to get around makes PEI a perfect place to bring your kids, parents, and even grandma! Major hotel chains are located mostly in Charlottetown, the capital city, but wander out of town and you’ll find lovely B&B, secluded cabins and great campgrounds.


It’s also a romantic getaway

Whether it’s your honeymoon, you’re looking to rekindle the flame, or simply need some alone time, PEI can offer you seclusion, peaceful living and a friendly small town charm. Book some couples treatments at a spa or have a few rounds of golf together on the beautiful green fields.

 Argyle Shore Provincial ParkArgyle Shore Provincial Park – Image by Andrea Schaffer via flickr


There are lots of (red) beaches

Since PEI is a tiny island, the beach is always only a short drive away, no matter where you are staying. From the iconic red sandy beaches to the small rocky cliff sides, you will never get tired of these views. Wake up early and head to the east side for a gorgeous view of the sunrise!


Unbelievably fresh seafood

Some of the freshest seafood in the world, lobster, shellfish, fish, crab and all cooked to perfection, steamed or fried, however you like it.

 Northport HarbourNorthport Harbour – Image by Dennis Jarvis via flickr


Tons of activities and attractions

Being an island, PEI has its advantages when it comes to water sports. Whether you enjoy relaxing under the sun or prefer a more active activity, you can do it here. Our personal favorite is the deep sea fishing excursion, but you can also go swimming, kayaking, sailing, stand up paddling and so much more!


Inland, you will find beautiful golf courses, great cycling trails and a multitude of attractions. Shining Waters is a water park popular with the kids and the young at heart. Anne of Green Gables is more for the literary kind; the small village is based on the book by the same name from Lucy Maud Montgomery. There are also some quirky attractions such as the Haunted Mansion and Grandpa’s Antique Photo Studio. Last but not least every one should take a stroll to either the Cavendish boardwalk or the Gateway Village in Borden for the full tourist experience. Lobster rolls, beaver tails (a sweet pastry with topping of your choice) and Cow’s ice cream are all things you need to try here!


Awesome coastal drives

Green and yellow hills, distinctively red dirt, and ocean views all around are some of the reasons why you should always rent a car in PEI. Nothing like a nice Sunday drive through the villages and fields to fill up your camera’s memory card!

 Confederation BridgeConfederation Bridge – Image by Nicolas Raymond via


And finally, the Confederation Bridge

Because the little kid in me still gets excited at this, we thought it would be worth mentioning that PEI is also home to the longest bridge covering iced waters: the Confederation Bridge. An impressive 12km long bridge connects the island of PEI to the province of New Brunswick. The age-old question “are we there yet?” will definitely come up if you drive through!


And there you have it, just a few of the reasons why Prince Edward Island is the perfect destination for your next vacation. We hope to see you there!


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