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How to Save Money When Booking a Holiday

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 18/01/2015
How to Save Money When Booking a Holiday

Holidays are always fun but they can sometimes be a bit straining on your budget. But it’s not impossible to enjoy a perfectly relaxing holiday without completely emptying your pockets. There are plenty of things you can do when booking your holiday to make sure you save money. Check out some of our tips below so you can figure out how to do just that:

1.  Get online: One of the best ways to ensure that you get the best holiday deal is to get online and search for it yourself. There are loads of websites ready to offer you great discounts on hotels, flights, and holiday packages so it can be quite time-consuming to go through all of them. If you’re short on time and want to enjoy the best deals possible, you can always check with us here at Simply Holiday Deals to provide you with the best offers every week.

2.  Book early…: An excellent way to make sure you grab the cheapest holiday deal is to book early. Usually booking about 11 months in advance can help you save loads of money as that is when flights are usually scheduled and holiday packages are put together.

3.  …Or book late: If you’re not the best at planning in advance, booking late is also a great option. As the time draws near to the holiday of your dreams, travel agencies start to get antsy about making sure all the remaining spots are filled. That’s when prices go down and you need to book your dream getaway! If you like, check with us every thursday to get some of the best last minute holiday deals available.

4.  Get insider offers: Sometimes travel agencies have special deals that aren’t always advertised on their website. That’s why it’s always a great idea to sign up to newsletters at your favourite websites whenever you can to make sure you’re covered on all fronts!

5.  Grab handy vouchers: Vouchers and discount codes can be an incredibly handy way to save on your travel extras. Things such as airport parking, hotel rooms, airport transfers and more can all be covered by discount codes from different companies. Here at Simply Holiday Deals we provide you with three excellent discount codes every week so make sure to check back here if you’re not sure where to start looking!

6.  Consider cheaper accommodation: There are many different types of accommodation available to you when you are booking your holiday package. A hotel room is what is most standard but options such as holiday homes, camping/glamping, self-catering apartments, hostels or home switches are great alternatives that can end up saving you money. So consider all your options before you decide on your next holiday.

7.  Travel as a group: Group travel packages can actually help you save loads of money. First, because many agencies actually offer special discounts for large groups. Secondly, because, even without the incredible discounts, group travel allows you to choose accommodation and transportation options that are much more budget-friendly. Lodging options such as large villas or apartments can save you more than a standard hotel room. And renting a car or big van will end up being much cheaper than travelling by train, for instance.

8.  Grab family discounts: If you are travelling as a family with young children, keep an eye out for those handy family discounts! Things such as children eat/stay free, special age discounts on monument entries, or offers for 2 for 1 are all great opportunities for saving more when you book your next holiday!

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