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How to Save Money When Booking a Flight

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 22/01/2015
How to Save Money When Booking a Flight

There are loads of ways you can save when booking your dream getaways. We’ve already covered how you can save money when booking a holiday and when booking a cruise, so this time we’ve decided to focus on flights. There are way too many myths out there about the best times to book flights and ways to save money on tickets so we’ve decided to give you some insider tips to help you out.

1.  Get online: The best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your flight tickets is to get online and compare prices from different airlines and travel companies. Of course, this can be overly time-consuming and you may feel so overwhelmed you don’t even know with which website to begin, and that’s exactly why we’re here! Here at Simply Holiday Deals we help you by doing all the work for you and bring you the best deals from the internet. And every Monday, you can check back with us for the best flight deals that week.

2.  Get insider deals: Travel agencies and airlines don’t always advertise their best deals on their websites. So signing up to newsletters is always a great idea to make sure you get all the insider scoop on the best prices for your flight tickets.

3.  Book at the right time: There are many theories out there about when it’s best to book your flight and the truth is, this varies tremendously depending on how popular the flight becomes. Airlines usually schedule their flights 11 months in advance and prices will stay high from that point onward as the airlines get a feel for the demand for that flight. Experts now say that 12 to 6 weeks prior to your travel date is the best time to grab a good deal on your tickets – it’s at this point that airlines will consider hosting different kinds of sales. As the weeks draw nearer to your travel date, you may be able to grab some last minute seats for a bargain – but only if there are many leftover.

4.  Be flexible with your travel dates: Being flexible with your travel dates is the best way to ensure you grab cheap flights for your perfect getaway. First, it’s always safe to say that travelling in the low season will provide you with more affordable tickets. Experts also advise to travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays as these are the least popular travel dates and thus airlines tend to offer cheaper prices for these tickets. Grabbing the first flight of the day or a red eye can also be a big money saver if you can be flexible with the time you travel at. And finally, if time is not a huge constraint for you, flying indirect and with different airlines can usually ensure you a better flight deal.

6.  Pre-book airport parking: Airport parking can be expensive, so you have essentially two options. You can catch a taxi to and from the airport if you live nearby, or you can pre-book your airport parking and take advantage of incredible vouchers and discount codes to help you save.

7.  Fly from an alternative airport: There are loads of airports in the UK that fly international and many times alternative airports can offer better flight details in comparison to more popular central airports, such as London Heathrow. Consider your options well before you decide on your departure airport so you can save some money on your next flight tickets.

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