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Sailing the BVI – 7 Day Itinerary For The Best Experience

Posted by Dirce Carolina Guerra Quezada on 24/09/2016

If you have never sailed the British Virgin Islands, you are sorely missing out. As close to paradise as you can get, with azure blue waters, warm climate, friendly people and amazing food and drinks, it’s all you could ever want.

The BVI is an excellent location for less experienced sailors, with calm seas and leeward winds. It is also one of the charter capitals in the world, and you will find plenty of other vacationers to socialize or travel with, regardless of your sailing expertise and whether you own a yacht or are chartering. 

So what can you see during a week of sailing in the BVI’s?

Day 1

Start out from the beautiful, central island of Tortola, which houses the government and is the heart of the archipelago.

Travel about 8nm to Norman Island and explore the location that gave birth to the famous work “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Snorkel or dive in the stunning caves there, and perhaps even find a hidden treasure chest left by pirates years ago.

Anchor in the Bight and have a drink at the floating bar “Willy T”

Day 2

Continue on to Salt Island, strap on your snorkelling gear and check out the wreck of the RMS Rhone which has been under water since a hurricane in 1867.

Sail about 8nm to reach Cooper Island, where you can find mooring for the night. Spend the day relaxing on the beach, or do more snorkelling at Cistern Point.

Day 3

After a short sailing trip, arrive at the Baths (Devil’s Bay) located on Virgin Gorda. Snorkel and explore the wonders of the natural formations in this national park, consisting of huge granite boulders creating pools and caves along the waterline.

Sail 13nm to North Sound, a protected bay with excellent opportunities for mooring and restaurant dining.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda
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Day 4

More snorkelling to be had at Marina Cay, which will be the first stop of the day. Hop over to Trellis Bay (about 10nm) to stay the night and make sure to visit “the Last Resort”, a famous restaurant and cabaret.

Day 5

Cruise to Monkey Point on Guana Island and experience the spectacular snorkelling to be had there. Spend the afternoon sailing for about 15nm to reach Jost van Dyke, and anchor in White Bay for cocktails at the Soggy Dollar Bar. Or if you prefer, visit Little Harbour for its famous beach parties.

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Day 6

Visit Soper’s Hole Wharf and explore Pusser’s Landing, allegedly built as the famous pirate Blackbeard’s hideout.

Do a short (10nm) afternoon sail to Peter Island, crossing Sir Francis Drake channel and stay the night.

Day 7

Enjoy a splendid sunrise and take a morning swim in the warm Caribbean waters, before heading back to the Tortola Marina.  

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