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Most Popular European Beach Destinations for UK Travellers

Posted by Sumit De Sarkar on 02/10/2014
Most Popular European Beach Destinations for UK Travellers

Beach holidays in Europe are always unforgettable experiences, considering the fact that there are so many exotic beaches to choose. From the captivating seascapes in Elafonissi beach, to the glamorous beach resorts in Ibiza, holidaymakers are bound to have a good time when visiting these places. The following are some of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

1. Pwales Beach, St. Paul’s Bay – Malta
Pwales Beach’s popularity as one of the best holiday destinations in Europe has risen tremendously. The beach is located northwest of Malta, at St. Paul’s Bay and it boasts of beautiful seascapes and wonderful climate. The best time to visit is between July and September.

2. Rabbit Beach, Sicily Islands – Italy
Located in the beautiful Italian Islands of Sicily, Rabbit beach offers holidaymakers a marvel to remember. Its exotic golden sandy beaches and pristine crystal-clear waters will leave travellers yearning for more. The island is popular for snorkelling because of its diverse fish species.

3. Praia da Falesia – Portugal
Praia da Falesia boasts of golden sandy beaches against the backdrop of reddish cliffs, contrasting with green pine trees. The destination is popular for rock climbing and hiking considering the numerous ragged cliffs that exist around the beach.

4. Costa Blanca – Spain
Costa Blanca is located in southeastern Spain. Known as the white coast due to its fascinating white sandy beaches, the beach boasts of a coastline running over 200 Kilometres. The fact that there are direct flights from London to Valencia makes the beach more popular among UK travellers.

5. Elafonissi Beach – Greece
Situated in Greece, Elafonissi offers a breathtaking experience for visitors. Its beautiful seascapes, exotic sandy beaches and pristine waters make the beach popular among tourists. In addition, the tones of seashells along the sandy beaches are a remarkable sight.

6. Iztuzu Beach – Turkey
Located in southwestern Turkey, the Iztuzu beach boasts of a 4.5 kilometre coastline. Interestingly, the beach is a strip of land that acts as a barrier between the fresh water delta of River Dalyan and the Mediterranean Sea. The beach has beautiful scenery that is compounded by the pine-covered hills that surround it. It is also a breeding nest for loggerhead turtles.

7. Kaputas Beach – Turkey
Kaputas is a beach situated in southwestern Turkey between the towns of Kas and Kalkan. The beach is small and ideal for holidaymakers who lover a tranquil atmosphere. Kaputas beach is famous for its breathtaking canyons and unscathed natural beauty.

8. Ibiza – Spain
Ibiza is the third largest Mediterranean Island off the coast of Valencia, Spain. Ibiza is more popular for its unrivalled nightlife, beach parties, mouth-watering cuisines, friendly residents and lavish hotels and restaurants.

9. Rhossili Bay – United Kingdom
Rhossili Bay is one the glamorous beaches situated in the United Kingdom. It is popular for its outstanding natural beauty, sand dunes and prehistoric remains. Its serene environment makes it more attractive to holidaymakers. Points of attraction include the Devil’s bridge at Worm’s head and the Church of St. Mary the virgin, making it an ideal destination for UK beach holidays.

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