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Planning a Hawaii Holiday on a Budget: 10 Things to Consider

Posted by Riya Sander on 22/04/2017
Get a Little Culture, Planning a Hawaii Holiday on a Budget

The luscious and relaxing islands of Hawaii are some of the most popular holiday locales in the world, but a holiday in this paradise can quickly run up a hefty price tag. Luckily, there are hundreds of things to do in Hawaii while on a budget. Here are ten great ways to experience the beauty of the tropical islands while keeping an eye on your purse strings.



There are numerous Hawaii luxury holiday rentals and all-inclusive Hawaii holidays, so their prices are often competitive. There are many great places to find an affordable all-inclusive Hawaii holiday. Most of them offer a vast number of holiday packages from elaborate wedding packages to short all-inclusive and affordable packages to simple hotel and rental car packages.

 Get Your Holiday On, Planning a Hawaii Holiday on a BudgetStaycation | © bradleypjohnson/flickr



Obviously, the first thing people think of when they imagine Hawaii is its majestic sand beaches. While mother nature is great to behold, swimming in some of Hawaii’s waters can be slightly dangerous. Kapalua Beach Park is both free and safe for swimming young folks. It is one of the best beaches for swimming in Hawaii and is picturesque to boot. Because it is blocked by two lava rock edges that block the dangerous waves from hitting the beach, it is the perfect place to bring your loved ones, young and old, to take a dip. And it’s free!



Another great way to affordably experience the culture of Hawaii is to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. The center has six villages that offer an immersive cultural experiences and is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Hawaii. For just under £45, you can take a tram tour of Laie, take canoe rides, and participate in hands-on cultural experiences. (Also, while it’s not necessarily Polynesian, the shaved ice stand has some of the best – and affordable – shaved ice in the western hemisphere.

 Get a Little Culture, Planning a Hawaii Vacation on a BudgetSurfing in Waikiki | © Daniel Ramirez/flickr


In Kauai you can take a stroll along the beautiful Koloa Heritage trail which leads you along a series of monuments that highlight the area’s archaeology, dense history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty. Incidentally, Kauai is also one of the best places to get your swim on as well. If you’re an experienced swimmer or surfer, Kauai sports some of the best beaches for swimming in Hawaii.



One of the most powerful locations in Hawaii to visit is Pearl Harbor. The USS Battleship Missouri Memorial is both affordable and breathtaking. While a visit can add a somber moment to your holiday, the memorial is both beautiful and moving and can add an educational and reflective moment to a family holiday.



If you’re doing Hawaii on a super-shoestring budget and you don’t want to spend your dough on one of the all-inclusive packages, you can opt to stay in a hostel. Many hostels in Maui have private rooms for as low as £53. While you still have to share a bathroom, you can commiserate with fellow travellers and potentially make a few new friends while saving a little dough.

 Make New Friends, Planning a Hawaii Vacation on a BudgetTrolley in Waikiki | © Daniel Ramirez/flickr


In Oahu, you can take a bus to multiple desirable locations for as low as £2 per trip. You can also purchase a weekly pass for £55 and you can check out the scenery as you move from place to place rather than checking the road for traffic.



There is no better place to find fresh seafood than an island that is surrounded by hundreds of miles of ocean. There are many places to find affordable and super-fresh seafood in Oahu. For under £8, you can sample the tastes of the sea at restaurants that are literally next to fish auctions. We recommend the pan-seared ahi tuna for a tasty and affordable. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a Hawaiian plate that includes the likes of squid luau and kalua pig.


 Taste The Sea, Planning a Hawaii Vacation on a BudgetTop view of Diamond Head | © Eric Tessmer/flickr


Another one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Hawaii is the Volcanoes National Park located on the big island of Hawaii. You can get an up close and personal view of an active volcano with hot lava flowing down the side of the mountain and dry lava forming craters on the road. The power of nature is both evident and . . . affordable. Entry fees to the park are just £15 per vehicle, so load up your mates and get ready to be awed by the grandiosity of nature.



The best and most affordable thing to do while in Hawaii is to take a load off and relax. If you’re visiting, chances are, you’ve earned the chance to put your feet up and enjoy the view.


About author: Riya is an inspired writer. She is now based in Thailand. She is delighted to work with many aspiring small business owners. Riya loves cooking, crafting and yes! Sipping a good coffee. Check out her twitter, @sanderriya.