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How to Pick a Destination Christmas Gift for your Loved Ones

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 21/11/2014
How to Pick a Destination Christmas Gift for your Loved Ones

December is getting closer which means you need to start crossing off some the items on your Christmas gift list if you want to spend your weekends away from the hectic chaos in shopping centres.

If you know a friend or family member who absolutely loves to travel, why not purchase them a holiday getaway? It’s simple to purchase, you can avoid the endless lines at cashiers in shops, and you know you will be getting them a unique gift this festive season. But how exactly do you go about picking a destination Christmas gift for someone else? That’s where we come in. Here are a few things to consider when you start picking your Christmas gift for your travelling loved ones:

1.  Your budget: Before even thinking about your loved ones and what they want, you need to consider how much you can give. Your gift can go anywhere from a hotel stay to a full-fledged all-inclusive holiday package but you need to decide how much you are willing to spend. Of course, there are loads of websites that offer excellent savings on holiday packages (I hear Simply Holiday Deals is quite good…) but if that’s still too much over your budget, consider offering a getaway somewhere closer to home or simply offering a hotel stay or a specific experience like a spa day.

2.  Where have they already been? It’s important to know where they have already been so you don’t send them off to the same place! Unless, of course, you know they have been somewhere and are absolutely dying to go back.

3.  When do they have some time off? Depending on when they have some time off, different holiday destinations may be more appropriate. For instance, if you know they have a long weekend coming up during the winter, consider a ski holiday or a sunny getaway to a tropical island. If they only have time off in the summer months, a beach holiday could be exactly what they need.

4.  Travelling solo or with others? Are you offering a gift to someone who loves travelling alone? Are you offering it to someone with a family? Or are they currently in a relationship with someone? Different destinations cater to different types of travellers. For a solo traveller, consider an exotic Asian or South American destination. For couples, romantic destinations such as Paris, Venice and Santorini will do the trick. And if you are the generous type and are offering a holiday to an entire family, self-catering aparthotels or all-inclusive resorts will be your safest bet.

5.  What do they like to do on holiday? The destination you offer will ultimately depend on this. Do they enjoy a beach getaway? If so, the Canary Islands, Greek Islands or the Caribbean will be a great gift. If adventure is more their travel style, consider sending them off to exotic locations or somewhere they can practice a sport. City lovers will fall in love with classic European capitals such as Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Rome and Lisbon. If they prefer the quiet countryside, peaceful destination such as Tuscany will melt their heart.

If you really can’t pinpoint exactly what they would prefer to do and where they would like to go on their next getaway, you can always purchase them something like a Flexible Experience Pack from Red Letter Days. This gives them the freedom to tailor their gift to something they will be 100% satisfied with and you get the joy of offering something you know they will like.

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