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Pets Abroad: Everything you Need to Know

Posted by Mariama Njai on 14/02/2017
Pets Abroad- everything you need to know featured photo

Our animals are important to us. Your pooch, moggie or any other kind of pet is really what makes home, home, so what happens when it comes to taking your animals overseas? If you’re heading off on a long trip, or even moving country, taking your pets with you can be an expensive (and confusing) process so it’s important to keep track of your costs and paperwork. 

Forking out for bills is all part of pet ownership, even when things get pricey it’s an anticipated element of the job. A recent study by Voucherbox found pet lovers can end up spending more than £15,000 on their pooch over its lifetime, or more than £10,000 on a feline friend! But while we may be prepared to foot the veterinary bills, as pet owners we aren’t always up to speed with the costs involved with travelling with our animals.

To make things easier, here’s a list of all the kit and everything you need to know about heading abroad with your pets.

Check the Requirements for Your Destination

First and foremost, every country has different rules, not only for letting pets in but for the kind of animal they will welcome. It’s therefore essential that you do your research before you travel. While most countries will allow cats and dogs in with the correct documentation and vaccinations, some have restrictions on the kind of species they will accept. For example, due to its unique and sensitive ecological environment, Australia won’t allow rodents into the country. You’ll also want to be clued up on how much all this will set you back, as you may need to budget for additional costs you weren’t expecting.

And before you even leave the UK, it’s important to ensure your animals have the right documentation in order to return.

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Pet Passport

Pet passports aren’t just about getting your pets out of the country, they’re also essential for getting them back in. Just like your own passport, you’ll need one for your furry friend to both leave and return to the UK. Pet passports apply to dogs, cats and ferrets, and alongside this document you must also have proof that the animal is microchipped and has a valid rabies vaccination. In a nutshell, a pet passport lists all the different treatments your pet has received to check it is safe to re-enter the UK.  

The whole process, from microchipping to travelling with your animal, is likely to cost £150 – £200. On top of this, you must remember it’s essential to check out the rules for bringing in pets to your holiday destination.

Other Costs

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Finding a comfortable and good-quality animal carrier that caters to your pets’ needs is also an important part of the process. From cat cages to dog crates it’s essential to find the right transportation carrier to minimise stress to your pet. It’s also important to find airline-approved pet carriers if you’ll be transporting your pet via aircraft as you won’t want this impeding your travel, especially after going through all the administrative processes.

Taking your pets with you may sound pricey, but it can actually provide a cheaper alternative to putting your furry companions into kennels or a cattery. Depending on your choice of pad for your pooch, the daily fee for kennels ranges from £15 – 50. That means a two-week holiday could set you back up to £700 in pet fees! So although taking your pets abroad may sound like a lot of work, at the end of the day it’s not only cheaper but means your best friend is always by your side.

featured photo credit: “Hildreth Adoption Center Transport Day” (CC BY 2.0) by soniasu