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Are you looking for travel inspiration? You've come to the right place! The Simply Holiday Deals travel blog is all about feeding your love of travel, with insightful, informative and entertaining articles. Our expert travel writers offer firsthand information about your favourite destinations, money saving tips, attractions, family holidays, travel news and more, to help you on your way to the next adventure.

Top 7 Hotels to Stay in London with Family

Posted by Sophia Jones on 16/03/2017
Top 7 Hotels to Stay in London with Family Featured Image

After a long and hectic expedition, with your family, to London’s finest tourist attractions, you definitely want to unwind at a family hotel. London has a great variety when it comes to family hotels and some hotels are close to some of the city’s major attractions. Allow me to discuss top 7 hotels to stay […]

Sydney for all Budgets – Where to Stay

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 16/03/2017
Sydney for all budgets featured image

There’s no need to worry about perfect accommodation during your Sydney visit. The city will not only astonish you with entertainment possibilities and numerous beaches, but with a wide variety of hotels to choose from. The best thing about this is, of course, a huge number of places that can suit all budgets. Therefore, regardless […]

An Unconventional Holiday - 5 Advantages of Sustainable Farm Tourism Featured Image

When planning a holiday, most people first consider well-reviewed resorts that offer comfort and many options for daily relaxation and nightlife fun, but this sort of experience can be often quite draining, both financially and energy-wise. So how about an unconventional, stamina-replenishing getaway in the heart of nature?   In modern times humanity is trying […]


Are you planning a visit to Tanzania? Then you’ll most likely have been doing some research, checked out safari options and have a rough plan of what you intend to do when you hit the African soil. It’s easy when you are planning a big trip full of exciting activities to overlook some of the […]

Comparing Kauai’s Best Beaches

Posted by Jason Richie on 14/03/2017

Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island and has the most beaches of them all. These beaches are known for being some of the most magnificent in the world, highlighted for still looking untouched with lush green mountains in the background. With so many beautiful beaches on Kauai, each one embraces its unique charm, so there’s […]

24 Things To See & Do In London In Just 24 Hours Featured Image

Over the course of the last decade or so, there has been a big shift in the types of holidays which we book.   The classic week away on a sunny beach is still popular, but is becoming increasingly replaced by another.   City Breaks On The Rise   City breaks have become very popular […]

Mountain Road, Wales

For some people, a holiday means booking a flight to a far away, sun filled destination to enjoy the beach. For others, however, there’s not better trip than exploring the British land. There’s almost 250,000 miles of road in the UK. Whilst some of that is nothing spectacular, there are some incredible opportunities in other […]

Local Laws- The Cray Customs Landing Holidaymakers In Trouble While Abroad Featured Image

One of the greatest draws about booking a holiday to any foreign destination is the cultural differences we can experience once we arrive.   There is a certain thrill to stepping out of an airport and finding yourself surrounded by a world which feels alien to the one at home.   Whether it’s the language, […]

The Ultimate Long-Haul Travel Checklist

Posted by Martynas Baniulis on 13/03/2017
The Ultimate Long-Haul Travel Checklist Featured Image

Embarking on a long-haul adventure overseas is a dream come true. However, with all the details involved, from flights to accommodation and even packing your suitcase, organising your trip can seem overwhelming.   Here’s a handy checklist, so you can ensure smooth travels on your getaway of a lifetime.   Research an Itinerary   First […]

7 Cool and Unique Things to Do in Europe

Posted by Adam Smith on 12/03/2017
7 Cool and Unique Things to Do in Europe Featured Image

Without a doubt, Europe is quite popular for its right culture and a wide variety of historical attractions. Travellers might be planning to visit each country and explore the ancient structures. But, how about taking the other road?   The unique one, a trip to the breathtaking architecture of Greece, cherishing the beauty of Paris, […]

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