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Are you looking for travel inspiration? You've come to the right place! The Simply Holiday Deals travel blog is all about feeding your love of travel, with insightful, informative and entertaining articles. Our expert travel writers offer firsthand information about your favourite destinations, money saving tips, attractions, family holidays, travel news and more, to help you on your way to the next adventure.

7 National Parks In Europe You’d Love To Hike Featured Image

Calling Europe, a jewellery box containing some of the best and glorious gems won’t be wrong. From striking architecture, swanky restaurants, and gorgeous parks, Europe has lots to offer. Indeed, you will find a holiday destination of all sorts when you are here. Europe has an abundance of natural beauty and witnessing its charm through […]

What Destination is Right for Your Summer 2017 Holiday Quiz

A recent survey showed Brits won’t be deterred from booking their 2017 summer holidays. Just in case you have not made a decision where you will go for your summer 2017 holiday we are here to help. Take our summer 2017 holiday quiz to find what favourite destination you should consider. Once you find out your […]

22 Great Ways to Save Money When Travelling

Posted by Marcel de Jong on 12/04/2017
22 Great Ways to Save Money When Travelling Featured Image

Are you going alone, with your partner or perhaps with a travel buddy? Saving money when travelling – It’s something you will definitely want to do whether you are a casual traveler on holiday or a backpacker travelling the world.   Start by reading my 22 tips in order to keep the costs per day […]

Venice On A Budget

Posted by Ruby SevenDayItch on 11/04/2017
Transportation in Venice, Italy

Venice is incredibly beautiful; it is just one of Europe’s many treasures. But it is also very expensive. Knowing this is the first step so that you can take the time to research your trip and create a plan, allowing you to have fun without emptying your bank account.  Today I will be explaining a […]

Koh Tao, Thailand

Thailand has quickly become one of the most visited destinations on the planet. An affordable oasis of islands, mountains, and palm trees, it has everything you could ever want for a relaxing and exciting holiday. Before you start planning your big getaway, you should know what islands to visit in Thailand. Here are the top […]

5 Places to Visit Around Western Ghats

Posted by Rohit Agarwal on 09/04/2017
Jog Falls

The world’s making unthinkable progress. Along with the several upsides, one of the major downsides in environmental degradation. And that is why everything being rightfully eco-friendly nowadays, including tourism. As such, the Western Ghats of India are one of those rare desirable tourist spots which combine beauty with ecological value. Branded a UNESCO World Heritage […]

Looking for Free Things to Do in Europe? Attractions in 7 Top Destinations

A trip to Europe is always on the travel bucket list, the only problem is, it can be a pricey adventure. The first thing to do is keep your eyes out for cheap travel deals, as flights and accommodation are the big expenses and packages often help keep costs down. Secondly, taking advantage of free […]

7 Hidden European Destinations To Visit

Posted by Sophia Jones on 08/04/2017
7 Hidden European Destinations To Visit Featured Image

Well, I just don’t understand whenever people are being asked the best European destinations, Paris and London always seem to top their list. Yes, even I also agree that both of these places are great whether you are planning your honeymoon, going on holidays with your kids, or you are planning to get married.   […]

The Big Aussie Three - Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Featured Image

  When we close our eyes, flip our globes and let the index finger land on the Land Down Under, we usually ask ourselves –where to exactly? Should we snap a couple of pics in front of the Sydney Opera House; experience a Melbournian nightlife; or should we take a sneak peek at Aussie wildlife […]

Seven Reasons Why You Need to Visit Prince Edward Island, Canada

Posted by Janie The Dime Travelers on 07/04/2017
Confederation Bridge

When I was a child, my family’s favorite summer destination was the tiny island of Prince Edward Island (PEI) on the east coast of Canada. With the freshest seafood, wonderful beaches, campgrounds, and activities for everyone, it was an easy consensus between my siblings, parents, and I.   Over the years, PEI has only slightly […]

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