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Packing Checklist for a Family Holiday

Posted by blogadmin on 11/07/2014

Summer is here, school is out and that means the time to start planning your family holiday has finally rolled around! Perhaps you have already booked your trip or maybe you are still deciding on a destination – regardless, travelling with your little ones can end up entailing an extensive amount of planning and preparation. Whether you’re going to be lounging in a tropical beach, discovering a historical city, trekking through the mountains, or going on a road trip, there are a few essentials that you must pack with you to make sure your kids are kept entertained and comfortable!

While the #1 rule of packing for family vacations is to pack lightly, make sure to get these items somewhere in your suitcase when you’re preparing for your next family holiday:

  1. Entertainment – You want to take care that your little ones are entertained on your way to your next destination so be sure to bring along some of their favourite toys on your next family trip. Buying them a small toy on the eve of your departure may be a good idea to make sure they are well amused and distracted. For long plane rides, portable DVD players or books are your best option. For a car or train ride, consider more mobile toys that will avoid car sickness but entertain your little ones nonetheless.
  2. Snacks – Hungry children are angry children. Snacks are great to bring along if you are going to be taking a long trip to your destination, as your kids may not like the food that is available to them and options are scarce. They are also great if you are planning on spending your days outside of your hotel exploring your next beautiful destination. Avoid tantrums and keep your trip enjoyable by stacking up on healthy and nutritious snacks that will keep your little ones energised and happy throughout the day!
  3. Toiletries – Besides your usual washroom toiletries, be sure to bring along a mini first-aid kit that includes Band-Aids, sunscreen, any prescription medicine, a blister kit (especially useful if you know ahead of time that you will be out and about all day), vitamins, and some basic medicine for treating fevers, colds, stomach aches, etc. Some wet wipes and toilet paper rolls will also come in handy throughout the day as you visit some very public toilets.
  4. Extras – Bring extras of (pretty much) everything you feel will have a tendency to get wrecked or dirty. Extra underwear, extra shirts and extra socks are key items to pack along if you are going to be exploring a new city. Extra shoes are also a must if you know you will be walking a lot.
  5. Comfort Items– Let’s face it, as much as your children may even love travelling, it’s never as comfortable as back home and that can bring them some uneasiness. This is especially the case during night time, so it’s important to make them feel as at home as possible to ensure they are able to rest well. Make sure to pack their favourite blanket or toy to sleep with, any bedtime stories you usually read them and/or some of their favourite music to fall asleep to at night.


Of course, different destinations will entail different packing needs. But if you make sure to cover the 5 packing items above, you are set to go on a stress-free and enjoyable family holiday.