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Organising Your Dream Destination Wedding [Infographic]

Posted by Martin Cummins on 20/06/2016
Destination Wedding

Does the thought of getting married in an exotic overseas paradise appeal to you? If so, you’re among an increasingly sizeable population deciding to get married abroad. Destination weddings now account for almost a quarter of the entire wedding market, with the opportunity to tie the knot in a sun-kissed location often working out much cheaper than doing so in the UK.

Bespoke Diamonds (, an Irish-based engagement ring website, created this wonderful infographic guide to organising a destination wedding. It includes a selection of popular overseas wedding locations, including Croatia, Mauritius, Fiji and Cyprus, should you wish for some food for thought as to where exactly to hold the wedding. It also outlines the main reasons for people choosing a destination wedding. Aside from the cost and the beauty of the location, destination weddings also feel like a full-blown holiday spread over the course of a week rather than an occasion being shoehorned into one or two days.

There are some organisational aspects which will require plenty of attention, though, and in some cases, it is advisable to engage the services of a wedding planner, particularly for more complex matters such as foreign legalities. There’s also a series of tips included in the infographic below, such as visiting the intended location to get a feel for it and giving your guests plenty of prior notice so that they can book time off work and save money for the wedding.

Here’s the full infographic for your enjoyment:

Organising Your Dream Destination Wedding [Infographic]