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New York Classics

Posted by blogadmin on 29/07/2014
New York Classics

Travelling to The City That Never Sleeps any time soon? Well then you have to know that besides all of the amazing sights, museums, buildings and attractions, there’s one thing you can’t miss out on when you visit New York City: the food.


With influences from all of the different ethnicities which have established themselves in The City, New York’s cuisine has become popular due to its innovative character and creative spin on classical dishes from all over the world. So if you are planning to visit this vibrant city in the near future (or if you are simply a curious foodie), here are a few dishes you absolutely have to taste while you’re there:


  1.     New York-style Pizza

New York pizza is almost the city’s signature food. You will be able to find literally hundreds of pizzerias throughout the city, all with their own unique style – chic restaurants, trendy cafés, small cubicles that barely have room for the pizza oven, large dining halls with an exquisite decor, etc. Even just a slice taken on the go from a street stands serves incredible pizza that is undoubtedly a cut above the rest. So while you are venturing through the city to check out its major hotspots, take a few minutes to find the perfect pizza spot – it won’t take you long.


  1.     New York-style Bagel

Everyone knows that no one does bagels quite like New York! So when you start feeling the crunchies mid-morning or in the afternoon, look around you and you are sure to find a charming cosy bakery where you can taste this quintessential New York food. Have it plain, with cream cheese, with jam, smoked salmon, or pretty much anything you can imagine – New York does it all! And the best part is, the tasty bagel is one of the most affordable foods you will be able to find in the city.


  1.     New York-style Cheesecake

If you are a cheesecake addict like me, you know that not every cheesecake is the same and you know exactly how you like yours. But the way New York does cheesecake… well, let’s just say it will definitely be worth at least a try. The New York-style cheesecake was invented in the 1920s and its combination of a cookie crust, cream cheese, heavy cream, and a sprinkle of vanilla made it become a popular dessert in the 1940s. Today, the cheesecake in the City is truly unique and it is definitely worth every bite!


  1.     Anything at a New York Deli

New York Delis are fascinating little shops unlikely to be found on any other corner of the planet. Serving any kind of sandwich with ingredients and sauces of your choice, the New York City deli can cater to almost everyone’s taste buds (well, unless you’re a vegetarian). For a truly authentic New York experience, I recommend a Pastrami on the Rye or, if you really don’t like pastrami, any other kind of sandwich on the rye. And don’t forget to enjoy those tasty sour pickles that come on the side!


If you are visiting New York any time soon, one thing is for certain: you will never run out of options of new foods to try. Besides the delicious pizza, bagels, cheesecake and deli sandwiches, New York City can offer so much more: baked pretzels, the black and white cookie, eggs benedict, delicious ice cream, clam chowder, among many other delicious options! And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of variety and quantity of amazing places offering these foods, check out NY Mag’s top picks for where to eat your favourite New York classics.