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Meet Austria, A Tourist Paradise

Posted by Kevin Hodgon on 13/12/2016
Hohensalzburg Fortress, Austria

If you wish to feel the essence of Europe, visiting Austria is a must. Austria is usually considered the winter capital of Europe, mostly famous for its magnificent ski resorts in the Alps. Although the mountains in winter are Austria’s main attraction, Austria should certainly be visited during other seasons too. Its capital, Vienna, is a huge museum with incredible ancient stories, monuments and marvellous buildings on every corner. The beautiful Danube was a source of inspiration to many famous artists, and perhaps it will invigorate you as well.

A Country in The Alps

Austria is central European country which used to be the centre of the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire. Most of the country takes to the high peaks of the Alps, and the rest of it lies in the vast Danube valley. Its diverse landscape makes it perfect for tourists, who travel from all parts of the globe to see its attractions. Due to its pleasant continental climate, Austria is a perfect place for all kinds of winter sports – but apart from its beautiful mountains, many people also enjoy visiting the equally stunning lakes and rivers. Austria has nine different regions and each one is unique and worth visiting, but the majority of tourists visit the capital Vienna, and there are many good reasons for that.

photo credit: pixabay

A Long and Colourful Past

It is not easy to encapsulate the history of Austria since it is very long and rich. However, it is absolutely crucial for understanding the country. The Austro-Hungarian Empire spread through a large part of present Europe, merging Germany, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and many other nations into one entity. All of these cultures were bricks in a large Empire wall that stood firm for nearly a thousand years. Even today, many cities in various countries resemble its former capital Vienna. From its very beginnings, Vienna was a huge metropolis and a home to people of a diverse ancestry. This incredible city was also a place of science, art and culture and home to many famous people such as Johann Strauss, Gustav Klimt, Niki Lauda, Franz Schubert amongst others. They have all left a mark in Vienna, giving it this present taste of magnificence.

photo credit: pixabay

What to See?

Getting around will not be a problem since the public transport system in Vienna is among the best in the world. Deciding what to see will be more of a challenge – there are so many attractions to visit and usually not enough time. A few destinations should definitely not be missed, and you may want to start your adventure in one of the museums in the city. For example, visit the famous Museum of Fine Arts or the Albertina if you are a fond of art, or if you want to learn more about the Imperial past then go to the Museum of Military History.

After that, you will be ready for the Ring Tour – the famous tourist tour around the inner city. During this tour, you will have a chance to see some of Vienna’s major attractions such as the famous Hofburg Palace, the City Hall, The Parliament and the Opera House. You will also travel along the Danube Channel, and you will view many amazing bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Don’t forget to stop by any of the many coffee houses since they are among the best in the world and will provide you with a unique experience. People from Vienna have a distinctive culture when it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee so don’t miss a chance to check it out yourself. If you are a fan of good wine, visit a Heuriger: a traditional Austrian wine tavern.

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Accommodation in Austria – No Need To Worry About It

Having been proclaimed as the safest and best city to live in Europe for several years in a row, Austria’s capital does not lack accommodation from grand deluxe hotels to stylish hostels, and other popular budget lodgings. For those with deep pockets, there are numerous extraordinary hotels to choose from. Vienna is among the rare cities in the world that can boast all-inclusive, magnificent hotels, many of which are sited in castles or in buildings of historical importance. One of them is Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, choosing this particular hotel provides you with a stay in the centre of the city, overlooking the famous Stephansdom Cathedral. It is an outstanding example of accommodation that will make your experience of the city an unforgettable one, bringing you French luxury and local culture. However, you should pay attention to prices since a night in Sofitel can cost around £300. If you really want to feel like a royal, then try to book a room in Castle Schonbrunn. It has a magnificent grand suite which has a status of UNESCO’s protection. Of course, staying overnight in this exquisite suite will cost you several hundred pounds, so you should consider whether or not your pocket can endure it. Other grand hotels of this kind are Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof, Grand Ferdinand, Hotel Sacher Wien, The Ritz-Carlton and much more.

In case you decide to spend more of your funds on sightseeing than on accommodation, you will surely find a dozen hotels to fit your requirements. For instance, you can find well-furnished, clean and great three-star hotels and hostels for around £20. Many of them have excellent locations and a wide variety of additional amenities, so you will not lack for anything during your visit. You should check out Austria Hotel, Star Inn Hotel Premium Wien, Ruby Sofie Hotel Vienna or Hotel Lucia, but before you decide on any of these, a good option is to search the Internet and find other hotel deals and special offers. You may be surprised how excellent middle-range hotels are in Austria’s capital.

You can also check for B&Bs, cottages around the cities, chalets and holiday homes. Vienna is not the only beautiful city in Austria. Many travellers decide to visit Salzburg, Graz, and Innsbruck, as well as other towns and cities in Tirol and the rest of the country. All of them abound with accommodations, and these wintery places will provide you with the most wonderful and long-lasting winter memories.

Cuisine in Austria – Try Traditional Foods

Traditional Austrian cuisine is well-known all over the world. Its meals are offered in almost every country, but it is a special event to try these dishes in the country of their origin. Wiener Schnitzel is something to savour when in Austria, and almost every restaurant in the country has it on offer. It is made of veal and lard, and the Austrians fry it for a magnificent taste.

Street food is also popular throughout the whole city of Vienna. There is a Wurstel stand in every corner of Austrian’s capital where you can buy tasty sausages, hot dogs, and famous Vienna beer.

Apfelstrudel is a dish you will eat as much as possible during your visit. Austrians use a very thin dough that they roll over the apple mixture and the secret is in the way it is rolled. You can even find it at the street stands, and visitors say that those from the stands are the tastiest. Try them once and you will end up buying a couple of them every day while in Austria.

Austrians are famous for their cakes and coffee, and both are indeed excellent. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the most popular cake in the country – Sacher – or the best Austrian coffee. Sacher tastes the same everywhere else in the world, but in Vienna, the taste will be unique. You will pay a couple of euros for a piece of it, which is nothing in comparison with the satisfaction you will get.

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Things to Do While In Austria – Choose Wisely

Austria with all its natural beauty, culture and tradition, is a successful tourist destination because of it has countless activities to offer, from sightseeing and museum visits, to skiing, hiking, and cycling.

One can easily book round trips, and the choice of the itinerary is entirely up to you. Trips to lakes and rivers, regional capitals or romantic roads of Austria are just some of the suggestions. One of the most alluring excursions is the ‘hidden treasures round trip’. Many visitors decide to take this, as your guide will tell you unknown facts about the country that you’d never discover yourself.

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Austria is a country that will provide you with enjoyment and pleasure during every second of your time in this European beauty.

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