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Lost Luggage: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Missing Belongings [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 28/02/2017
Lost Luggage- The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Missing Belongings Featured Image

Unless you grab a last minute deal, there is a great chunk of time from the moment you book a holiday and when you actually fly away.


As this time passes, it can sometimes be easy to forget what you’ve got to look forward to.


However, there are certain moments closer to the holiday which ignite the excitement inside of us.


The first is the process for applying for any visas or travel documents which are required to enter the nation of your destination.


The process of filling in an application can be very exciting (if not rather boring) and suddenly makes the trip much more real.


You can double check all of the destinations UK residents require a visa by visiting Visa HQ here.


Another part of the holiday preparation which begins to ramp up our excitement is the process of packing.


Committing clothes, cosmetics, shoes and sun hats into a suitcase is exciting because it means that the next time you use them will be on your holiday.


However, as exciting as it is to pack up your things, it can also be pretty stressful. Whether it’s having weather appropriate outfits, remembering the suncream or falling just short of the weight limit, it’s a struggle for many.


This piece from Lonely Planet perfectly sums up the sort of packing mistakes which plenty of us make but need to avoid.


If you aren’t the savviest suitcase packer then it might be worth seeking some space-saving advice.


There are few posts better than this one from BuzzFeed to help you make every little bit of space count.


It covers everything from saving jewellery from getting tangled to the perfect way to fold clothes and more.


Before you know it, the day arrives and you head off to the airport. The usual processes are cleared, you fly and land and then the only thing stopping you from enjoying your holiday is collecting your luggage.


However, there is one thing which can turn your trip upside down and that is if your luggage is misplaced or lost.


While the average number of bags which go missing is pretty low, (around 7 in every 1000) it is one of the most frustrating things which can happen at the start or end of a holiday.


If you are unlucky enough to experience this, you need to be well aware of the best practices to cope.


Thankfully, there is a new infographic created by the people at which can help you out.


The infographic is called Lost Luggage: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Missing Belongings and combines general luggage security tips with steps on how to reclaim yours.


It covers lots of helpful points which will save you plenty of time and hopefully see you reunited with your bag as quickly as possible.


It discusses everything from not leaving the airport before reporting it as missing to keeping bag tags, avoiding using flashy padlocks to simply being patient.


Read all of these tips and plenty more by taking a look at the infographic below. 

Lost Luggage Infographic