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Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Must See Countries in 2016

Posted by Nicole West on 11/11/2015
Lonely Planet's Top 10 Must See Countries in 2016

Do you already have a travel bucket list for 2016? If not, Lonely Planet have released their picks for the best places to travel to, next year. Take a look, take your pick and pack your bags to jet off to an inspiring, new destination.

1. Botswana

Lonely Planet praises Botswana for being democratic, progressive and enlightened. In terms of adrenalin-packed adventure, Botswana delivers with safaris to spot big cats, elephants, rhinos and birdlife in their natural habitat. Visit the Chobe National Park to see its astounding elephant population, the Okavango Delta on a scenic flight and the Khama Rhino Wildlife Sanctuary.

2. Japan

Japan is a highlight on every world-traveller’s list, so it’s no wonder it’s in the number two spot on Lonely Planet’s. From the futuristic bustle of Tokyo to the charming evidence of ancient traditions and a culture of hospitality that ranks as one of the best in the world, Japan is set to raise the stakes even higher, with the upcoming Olympics in 2020.

3. USA

Lonely Planet's Top 10 Must See Countries in 2016

In third place as The National Park Service celebrates 100 years in 2016, the USA is the place to go for nature lovers, hikers and road-trippers. To discover the natural beauty of the USA, head to Yellowstone and Zion National Parks or take an iconic road trip on one of the country’s famous highways.

4. Palau

If you’re looking for your next sublime dive destination, Lonely Planet thinks that Palau is one of the most magical dive and snorkelling destinations in the world. Here, in the western Pacific Ocean, you can discover waters brimming with marine life, including coral, sharks, dolphins, turtles and hundreds of species of fish.

5. Latvia

With ruined castles, pine forests and Art Nouveau buildings, Latvia is on the ‘up’ in terms of becoming a fascinating holiday destination. Try a hot birch sauna, explore the Gauja National Park, stay in a restored manor house in the forest and feast on the local smoked fish and beer.

6. Australia

Lonely Planet's Top 10 Must See Countries in 2016

With Australia’s weakening dollar, it could be set to become a more affordable travel destination for international holiday makers. Head to Sydney to see the iconic Opera House, discover North Queensland for the pristine Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef or go wild in the outback of the Northern Territory, before heading to Melbourne for a dash of cosmopolitan culture.

7. Poland

In spot number seven is Poland, with Wroclaw as the European Capital of Culture for 2016. Apart from eating your fill of dumplings, you can go underground at the Wieliczka Salt Mine, spot bison in Bialowieza Forest or hang out in Warsaw and Krakow for nightlife, arts and restaurants.

8. Uruguay

Another rising star among travel destinations, Uruguay is expecting a huge increase in international visitors. Visit 19th century buildings and hang out on the beach in Montevideo, explore the fishing villages of Cabo Polonio and Punta del Diablo for surfing and stay in  the resort city of Punta del Este for glitz, glamour and cocktail bars.

9. Greenland

Lonely Planet's Top 10 Must See Countries in 2016

Greenland is the world’s largest island and, in 2016, it hosts the Arctic Winter Games. This is where you can gaze, awe-struck, at gigantic icebergs, kayak through fjords, go cliff hiking through the ice and witness the stunning aurora borealis displays, from September to April each year.

10. Fiji

Lonely Planet suggests that travel to Fiji will be smoother in 2016, with the upgrade of Nadi International Airport. With a wealth of natural beauty, Fiji is the perfect holiday spot for a honeymoon, with opulent resorts and romantic beaches. Try an extreme sport, go fishing, check out the phenomenal underwater world on a dive, go sailing, fishing or simply laze by the pool at an all-inclusive resort.