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London’s October Event Line-Up

Posted by Dirce Carolina Guerra Quezada on 17/09/2016
London’s October Event Line-Up

Celebrate the first full month of Autumn with a slate of events commencing in London. As if to compensate for the end of summer, London has decided to gift residents and tourists a bundle of eclectic events, all in October – both locals and those holidaying in London are bound to find something to do! 

London Literature Festival

The wealth of literary luminaries London has cultivated makes London a more than apt setting for the tenth consecutive literary festival. Margaret Atwood, Xiaoly Guo, and Lauren Beukes are just a few of the many seminal authors that will grace the festival filled with lectures, performances, readings, and workshops. No matter your genre of preference the literary festival has an event that will have you sated. The host of events feature talks on tales inspired by refugees, transhumanism, the future of graphic novels, Iraqi sci-fi, and much more. The whole thing takes place on a daily basis between the 5-16th of October. 


The Bavarian pastime engulfs London in a wash of lederhosens, German sausages, and of course beer. The voluntary invasion begins starts in late September and carries on for a week and a half depending on which party you’re attending. The largest of the events, London Oktoberfest will take over Millwall Park and Canary Wharf from the 29 September to 9 October. 50,000 people are likely to attend the event that brings beer from around the world and authentic Bavarian music to give you an unforgettable time… just watch out for the doppelbock.

Hackney Wonderland

The indoor music festival that’s been such a hit since its inauguration in 2014 has finally expanded into a two-day festival. The unorthodox festival will take place at five of London’s most popular music venues -all within a walk from each other. The jam-packed schedule includes over fifty bands, with performances by crowd pleasers like We are Scientists, Corcodiles, Lucy Rose, and Yuck. The madness takes place on the weekend of the 15th.

Bloomsbury Festival

An array of artistic disciplines will come together to explore the theme of language at this year’s Bloomsbury Festival. Guerrilla performances will dominate the area surrounding Bloomsbury from 19-23 October. 130 events taking place in parks, streets, museums, galleries, laboratories, and public buildings will be performed by everyone from scientists to school pupils. With the muse of language as inspiration, this festival is bound to both stimulate viewers.

Experience London in October and don’t miss one of these great attractions.