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Local Laws: The Cray Customs Landing Holidaymakers In Trouble While Abroad [infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 13/03/2017
Local Laws- The Cray Customs Landing Holidaymakers In Trouble While Abroad Featured Image

One of the greatest draws about booking a holiday to any foreign destination is the cultural differences we can experience once we arrive.


There is a certain thrill to stepping out of an airport and finding yourself surrounded by a world which feels alien to the one at home.


Whether it’s the language, the music, the food or the local dress, all of these things come together to offer us a very different experience to a holiday on home shores.


Obviously, you can experience an incredible variety of exotic dishes on our high streets, but they are never quite the same as an authentic dish in its country of origin.


Take a look at this insightful ad mouthwatering post from the Guardian which discusses how much difference there is between a curry in Britain and a traditional curry in India.


Legal Differences


Heading to a distant and exotic destination also means that we encounter surprising legal differences in comparison to the UK.


Things which we find entirely acceptable may prove to be insulting or even illegal and vice-versa.


A great example of how easily simple gestures can be misunderstood around the world is this post from Matador Network. It looks at basic gestures from holding up a ‘V’sign to patting people on the head and explains their cultural differences.


While misunderstanding a gesture may only provide you with a funny story to tell once you get home, misunderstanding different laws could land you in considerably more trouble.


Local Laws: The Cray Customs Landing Holidaymakers In Trouble While Abroad


Regardless of where you might have come from, once you touch down in another country you are entirely responsible for your own actions. Because of this, it is very important to be aware of any potentially odd laws which might land you in trouble.


For example, there are certain seemingly strange laws which catch out holidaymakers every year, as this Telegraph article makes clear. One of the simplest to break in Jamaica, Barbados and Saudi Arabia is that civilians cannot wear camouflage.


Lots of these laws are things which anyone could accidentally break. Because of this, the people at have created a new infographic listing some of the most ridiculous and easy to accidentally break.


It’s called ‘Local Laws: The Cray Customs Landing Holidaymakers In Trouble While Abroad’ and you can take a look for yourself below this post.


It covers lots of weird and wonderful laws in locations you are likely to visit. A great example is from Australia where it is illegal to change a lightbulb unless you are a qualified electrician.


Anyone found to be breaking this law is charged AUS$10, which works out at around £6.20. 


Another particularly strange law which features in this infographic hails from Germany. It states that it is illegal to stop your car on the motorway for anything other than an emergency.


This seems relatively strange until you see that running out of fuel doesn’t count as an emergency. Although, if you run out of fuel without noticing, perhaps you deserve punishment!


Read more about both of these laws and plenty of other quirky examples in the infographic below. 

Local Laws Infographic