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LA Celebrity Sighting – Where to go to Spot the Celebs on Your Next Holiday

Posted by Mathews McGarry on 16/10/2015

In my foolish younger days, I planned to fly to LA, walk among the palm tree boulevards and cross my fingers – run into Josh Groban. He’s that goofy guy who swept everyone off their feet with his performance in Ally McBeal. Also, he has curly hair, so, can you blame me. Although I wouldn’t advise you to cross the line and become a full time stalker, I admit that running into celebrities is always a special event. They amaze us as if they belong to some alien race, and they do in their own way. Whether you are a collector of autographs, you’d like to take a selfie or see your favourite celebrities in their natural habitat, here’s a list of LA-based stars and tips on where to spot them.

The beloved ones

Jennifer Lopez


Source: – Jennifer Lopez at GADD Media Awards

She may be Jenny from the block (Bronx), but her home has become an impressive LA house on her very on property. We love her booty, her impeccable face and her dancy tunes. She travels often, so you may be lucky and spot her at the busy LAX. Keep it polite, she’s a diva after all.

Ben Affleck


Source: – Ben Afflect by Gage Skidmore

The other side of the former Bennifer, Ben Affleck, frequents family places like Brentwood Country Mart. Visit it in the daytime, order some coffee and wait for the magic to happen. We appreciate this Oscar winner for his versatile persona, and movies like Armageddon, Dogma and Argo.

Renée Zellweger



This avid gym-goer hit the spotlight with her leading role in Bridget Jones’s Diary, acting side by side with Britain’s sweetheart, Colin Firth. You can see her or even exercise in her vicinity at the Equinox gym in Westwood, LA. We hear she’s experiencing health issues, so we wish her a fast recovery. We can’t wait for the 3rd instalment of the “Diary”!

Katy Perry


Source: – Katy Perry 3 November 2014

This many time VMA presenter and host is ruling pop charts with her cute and heart-wrenching melodies. Picture pretty and loud, this singer made us swoon with her hits like Teenage Dream, or gasp at the “I kissed a girl” controversy. The Culina restaurant at the Four Seasons (Beverly Hills) has high chances of housing this bonbon beauty.

The Kardashians


Source: – Kim Kardashian West Parramatta Westfield Sydney Australia

Some member of the K-klan is always in the news and in the streets, so the chances of running into them are super high. Kim K may pop in to see a game with her hubby, the multitalented and cheeky Kanye West, so getting some Lakers tickets is a solid investment if you want to gaze at this power couple and enjoy the legendary Lakers.

The outcasts

Justin Bieber


Source: – Justin Bieber NRJ Music Awards 2012

There are the ones we love, and the ones that make us rethink our respect or fandom. This young singer has caused numerous incidents, crashed hotel rooms, acted violently and disrespectfully towards security and service people. He has evidently lost his baby charm and adopted a (really) bad boy persona. In case you forgave him, go and try see him at Malibu Country Mart where he chills.

Snoop Dogg


Source: – Snoop Dogg 2012

Who knew that the peace-loving Snoop Lion could get banned from an entire country? Apparently, he got banned from UK soil after multiple scenes at Heathrow Airport. Thankfully, this didn’t last too long, and Snoop is again accepted internationally. He is on the roll with collaborations, so you may want to check him out in front of his Los Angeles studio.

Even an average human has a secret celebrity crush, and the concentration of this special race is peaking on LA soil. Take a tour around town, have fun and you may even bump into the star you admire.



Mathews is a fitness blogger who has recently been bitten by his very own travel bug. While living out of a suitcase, he makes it his mission to explore unique local dishes, as well as never before tried workouts. Follow him on Twitter.