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Is Price the Only Factor When Booking a Flight?

Posted by Marius Fermi on 10/06/2016
Is Price the Only Factor When Booking a Flight

Without shadow of a doubt the most important aspect of booking our flights seems to be the price, at least for the majority of us. However booking a flight on the sole basis of the price can actually be a disaster waiting to happen. Why? Because there are so many other factors that influence how good a flight is that you should really take the time to consider it for the most stress free flights.

To allow you to fly with confidence, AirHelp created The AirHelp Score which is an Airline Rating System that borrows data from various credible sources as well as historic internal data.

Air travel is about more than just the price of a ticket. The Score compares each of the airlines, head-to-head, to tell you how they perform⎯from amenities and on-time departures, to how well they resolve flight delay compensation claims. Helping you find the right airline to fly with.

Below is a screenshot for most travelled UK airlines:

Most Travelled UK Airlines

Quality & Service

The AirHelp Score borrows data from Skytrax to help determine what the quality and service is like from a specific airline.

However the data points that Skytrax uses go well into the hundred’s so highlighting and explaining each one would take a considerable amount of writing, besides, the AirHelp Score takes care of that by putting the factors into a directly measurable metric.

A quick glimpse of some of the measuring factors includes:

-       Airport Service

-       Airline Lounge

-       Aircraft Seats

-       Inflight Meals

-       Entertainment

-       Your Comfort

Whilst I would say that ‘comfort’ is probably different to each of us, 30,000 ft up in the air seems to make us all appreciate certain things a little more. Films, space, food, etc are all part of the flight parcel so we need to consider this before we book a flight solely based on price.

On-time Performance

You’ve been planning and anticipating your dream holiday, thinking of all the things you’re going to do, or not do whilst relaxing abroad.

Travel day arrives but you get the unfortunate news that your flight is delayed. Great start! So how do you avoid delays? You need to check out historic travel data, especially number of delayed flights and which routes have the most issues. 

There are plenty of outside factors that influences on-time performance but if there happens to be consistency then it may be worth exploring further e.g. check how many times they fly your route and how many flights arrive on time. 


This rating takes into account how efficiently and fairly a carrier handles delay compensation claims, including percentage of claims rejected, as well as turnaround times for processing and payouts.

Unfortunately the travel world is a hectic place. With rules, regulations and a whole host of other impacting factors it can turn into a bit of a hot mess. This also means that your flights, luggages etc will get caught up in the same mess, that is why it’s so vital you understand how the airline that transports you is going to deal with any unfortunate mishaps.

This claims data isn’t readily available meaning that for everyday research it can be time consuming or even impossible to find. With the handy AirHelp Score you get all of the above information wrapped into a nice rating package, ensuring your decision making process is stress free and efficient.

AirHelp Score Global Ranking

Have fun on your future travels!