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Ireland’s Best Location for Fitness and Leisure Activities [Infographic]

Posted by Mary Smith on 18/11/2016

The ‘Emerald Isle’ is the perfect location for both the adventure and leisure traveller. While there are a huge range of places to visit around Ireland and so many different things to see, it can often be difficult to choose just one. This is especially true for the traveller who is short on time and can only give a day or two to one location.

For both the leisure and adventure traveller, there is one location in Ireland that will suit all needs, especially when travelling in a group where one is more the ‘relaxed and laid-back leisure traveller’ and the other is the more ‘active adrenaline junkie’.

Killarney, which is located in County Kerry in the south west of Ireland, is well-known as a global tourism destination. This is due to its surrounding beauty, its plentiful accommodation that caters to international visitors, and its prime location on the Ring of Kerry (one of Ireland’s most famous routes). It is also located on the Wild Atlantic Way, the world’s longest coastal driving route which runs the entire length of the west coast of the small island nation.

The town and its surrounding area is an absolute treasure-trove of wonderful things to do and a location that is a hive of activity. For those who enjoy hiking and walking, Killarney National Park offers 10,200 hectares of landscape to explore. For those who prefer to cycle, the Killarney National Park Loop is a 28 kilometre route that comes highly recommended.

Those who are more active will enjoy the thrill of rock-climbing or abseiling which is on offer in the nearby Gap of Dunloe. For those who enjoy water-based activities, kayaking is on offer on the famous Lakes of Killarney and a sunset trip is even on offer to take in the spectacular scenery as the sun is setting for the evening.

For an illustrated look at these activities, see the below visual asset that has been created by the Killarney Hotel Group or for a more in-depth look, read this accompanying guide.

Ireland’s Best Location for Fitness and Leisure Activities Infographic