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How Will the Brexit Vote Affect Your Travel Plans?

Posted by Nicole West on 28/06/2016
How Will the Brexit Vote Affect Your Travel Plans?

If you’ve been concerned about the impact of the EU Referendum decision, you’re not alone. The good news is, that the ABTA has issued guidelines for holidaymakers and you’re not likely to see any significant changes for the next two years. However, the fall in value of the pound may impact your spending power, in overseas destinations.

Let’s take a look at a rundown of the ABTA’s guidelines.

Brexit Won’t Affect Your Holiday Yet

Your holiday arrangements will not change, until the UK officially leaves the EU, which won’t be for two years. Until then, you are free to move between the UK and the EU as usual.

Your Passport is Still Valid

There won’t be any changes to passports, until the UK officially leaves the EU, in no less than 2 years.

Next Year’s Holiday Plans Won’t Change

If you’ve already made exciting plans for your holidays next year, you don’t need to worry. There’ll be no changes until after the two year period.

Your Airport Queue Remains the Same

You don’t need to worry about changing queue lines from EU passports or all others, as you simply queue the same as you did, before the vote.

You Don’t Need a Visa for Spain

Until the UK officially leaves the EU, you don’t need a visa for Spain, as there’ll be no changes.

You Can Still Use Your EHIC Card

You can still use your European Health Insurance Card, as there’ll be no immediate changes until arrangements are made between the UK and other EU countries.

You Can Still Get Flight Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, the procedure to claim remains the same until the UK Government implements new laws after leaving the EU.

You Can Still Shop Duty Free

If you love to shop duty free, there’s no need to be concerned, as you can still bring unlimited goods home.

Mobile Phone Roaming Charges Won’t Be Impacted

The Brexit vote won’t affect using your mobile phone while abroad until the UK Government implements a new law on roaming charges, after leaving the EU. Until then, the service providers set the charges.

Holiday Costs Won’t Necessarily Increase

Especially if you’ve already booked and paid for a package holiday, your expenses shouldn’t increase when travelling abroad. The weaker pound, however, means prices for accommodation, flights, meals, drinks and souvenirs in other currencies, may be more expensive.

So, all in all, for the next two years, you can carry on with your fabulous holiday plans, book incredible package deals and enjoy travelling, without concern.

How Will the Brexit Vote Affect Your Travel Plans?