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How to Travel Comfortably

Posted by blogadmin on 16/07/2014

Everyone loves travelling and exploring different countries or enjoying a nice sunny beach holiday for a week. But the long-haul flights you have to endure to get to your dream destination can be really exhausting and uncomfortable.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to make these flights more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Wear comfortable clothes.Tight-fitting clothes are to be avoided at all costs. Your best friends will be leggings, long skirts, loose shorts or track suit pants. And layer up! Airplanes are usually colder so if you are travelling to a warm destination, be smart about layering your clothes so that you’re comfortable on the way there and once you arrive. For your feet, a pair of comfortable shoes is the best choice.

2. Stay warm. Planes are usually at a cool temperature so it doesn’t matter what time of year you’re traveling or if you’re headed to the world’s most exotic destination – you have to make sure you are warm on the plane. An extra pair of socks, an extra sweater and an extra blanket are great options to keep you warm.

3. Make sure you’re busy. If you’re flying during the day, make sure you bring things to keep you busy. Some good ideas are magazines, books (yes, more than one), a music player or a movie player.


3. Make sure you can sleep. If you’re flying a red-eye, the best thing to do is to sleep as much as possible. It’ll never be as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed but if you can manage it, you’ll be much readier to explore your destination when you land and you’ll adapt to the time difference more easily. To make sure you are comfortable to sleep, consider a neck pillow, an extra blanket and perhaps a sleeping pill.

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4. Treat yourself. Whether or not you generally enjoy airplane food, you know it will never be the hearty meal you are craving after many tiring hours of travel. So a good idea to make sure you travel in comfort is to eat your favourite meal right before you fly (if possible) or to buy yourself some snacks before you board.

6. Stretch it out. After so many hours sitting down, the body will tense up so a good idea is to take a short walk around the airplane once in a while or practice some stretching exercises right in your seat.

Flying will never be the most comfortable thing in the world but there are a couple of tricks you can use to make the trip a little more enjoyable