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How to Have a Budget-Friendly Family Trip in Paris

Posted by Angelica Marie on 19/07/2016
How to Have a Budget-Friendly Family Trip in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, often known as the romance capital of the world and it’s not hard to see why.  As well as being considered a cultured and beautiful city, it can also be rather expensive, if you are not a savvy tourist.  With that in mind, in the following post we will share with you some tips and advice for having a great budget friendly trip to Pairs.

Dine At Butte aux Cailles

Colourful houses give this little southern neighbourhood of the city a very village-like feel.  It is home to many artists and is a haven for intriguing and interesting street art, but caters well to families.  The great thing is there are various high quality, but affordable restaurants and bars.  For example, Chez Gladines, servers it’s famous Basque dishes for around €7 to €10, while I’Auberge de la Butte serves three course meals of traditional French food for €25.

Free Trip To The Museums

Obviously, it is not just the weather and the food that anyone goes to Paris for, there’s also the culture, heritage and art.  You’ll be happy to know that the 1st Sunday of every month sees all national museums opening their permanent exhibits and collections to the general public for free.  Although The Louvre has long queues, there are some 173 other places you can check out.  If you want to learn more about the city, visit Musee Carnavalet or you could head to head to the sit of some Roman ruins where the Musee De Clumy sits and learn about France in the Middle Ages.

louvre, paris
photo credit: pixabay

Shop Wisely

Although Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen is thought to be the best place by many for Parisian antiques and souvenirs, people who know better go to Vanves or Marché aux puces de la porte de Montreuil for vintage trinkets, art and furniture.  It is common for dealers to sell goods at the latter two markets for cheaper prices before they go to the former and raise the prices. 

At one point in history Halle Pajol was the old warehouse for the national railway.  However, today it is a concert hall, library, greenhouse, shopping centre and Yves Robert hostel all in one.  What’s more is that it’s also very inexpensive with dorm-room berths start at around €31 and private bunch beg rooms from €62.

Gallery Lafayette, Paris
photo credit: pixabay

Head North East with Your Kids

Although certain parts in the north east of the city have a reputation for dodgy bars and graffiti, in the daylight hours there is plenty of great places for kids to play.  Take an electric cool box with a nice picnic and head to the Parc de La Villette, for a start, that has various strange and interesting playgrounds including a dragon slide, where kids can slide down its tongue.  There is also a merry go round, the children’s museum where it is €12 for adults and €3 for kids under 6.

Parks in Paris
photo credit: pixabay

Large Open and Green Spaces

At times Paris can feel a little too busy and claustrophobic, especially in the middle of summer.  However, you can seek a little escape from the hustle bustle by heading to Bois de Boulogne or the Bois de Vincennes.  While Bois de Vincennes is designed around a lake with a Buddhist temple on one island and a Greek one on the other, Bois De Boulogne is over 2 times bigger than New York’s Central Park and can feel like a forest.

Jardin Du Luxembourg
photo credit: pixabay

Eat Well Avoiding Tourist Traps

It can be quite tricky trying to find reasonably priced, high quality restaurants when there are so many tourist traps.  However, head to a place like Cosi in Saint-Germain-des-Prés where you can have fresh sandwiches, soups and salads from just €6.50, while listening to opera music.  The real selling point is that their bread is made in a brick oven that all diners can see. 

Although it definitely takes some planning, there is no reason why a trip to Paris has to be a strain on your finances.  By using the hints and tips above, you should be able to enjoy the best things about the French capital, without breaking the bank

Restaurants in Paris
photo credit: pixabay


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