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How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip in the Peak District

Posted by Angelica Marie on 21/08/2016
How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip in the Peak District

There is a lot to do in the Peak District, which offers a little bit of everything; there are walking and cycling trails, horseback riding, caverns and caves to explore, climbing opportunities, water sports, historic houses and castles to visit, and villages and market towns in which to spend time. The Peak District includes small towns and rural areas that are close to Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Manchester, Stockport, Buxton, Congleton, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby and Chesterfield.

Included in the Peak District, which is located in the east midlands region of England, is the Peak District National Park. The park itself is 555 square miles and includes parts of the following counties: Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.With so many opportunities for adventure in so much space, you will want to plan ahead in order to get the most out of your trip in the Peak District.

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The Peak District, which has no set boundaries, is divided into three “character areas”; each “character area” designates a landscape that has its own unique features. The character areas are as follows:

The White Peak area:

  • Limestone landscape, flat plateaus that are cut by valleys or dales
  • Strips of woodland
  • Rivers and streams with fast flow and clear water


The Dark Peak area:

  • Gritstone landscape
  • Plateaus with long rocky ridges
  • Deep valleys or cloughs
  • Fast-flowing streams
  • Flooded valleys that form reservoirs


South West Peak

  • Part wild moorland and part valleys with meadows and pastures
  • The upland moor gives way to lower hills and widening valleys with rivers
  • Gritstone ridges


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Things to do

Once you have an understanding of what the Peak District has to offer, it is a good idea to start planning so that you can be sure to experience all of the things that you desire. Consider what things are most important to you to do and to see.If you are looking for walks with amazing scenery and views, look into the options that are available and choose a few that look most appealing. For example, explore the Monsal trail in Bakewell or walk around Dovedale in Ashbourne.

If walking inside a cave is appealing to you, consider Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton, or Speedwell Cavern, also in Castleton.

Do you want to visit an old castle? There are plenty in the Peak District, from Peveril Castle in Castleton to Haddon Hall in Bakewell.

Want to spend time in the water? Check out Ladybower reservoir in Bamford, Lumsdale Valley in Matlock, Carsington Water in Ashbourne or River Wye in Bakewell.

How to Plan

To best plan your trip, once you have chosen the places you are most interested in visiting, list them by location. For example:


  • Monsal Trail
  • Haddon Hall
  • River Wye



  • Treak Cliff Cavern
  • Speedwell Cavern
  • Peveril Castle



  • Doverdale
  • Carsington Water


Next, pull out a map. It looks like the distance between Bakewell and Castleton is not too bad, though Ashbourne seems quite a distance away. Upon further research it appears that it will take less than 30 minutes to drive from Bakewell to Castleton. From Bakewell to Ashbourne, the drive would take around 35 minutes.

This is good news; exploring these areas will not require extensive driving. For those who enjoy the outdoors, less time in the car is always a plus.

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Accommodations and Transportation

Once you have determined the areas of the Peak District that you plan to focus on visiting, you can seek options for spending the night. The Peak district offers camping options, as well as hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, cottages, etc. As someone who loves to camp, I gravitate to that first and immediately notice options in Bakewell and Ashbourne. Bakewell seems like a good choice for a home base; there are things in that area I would like to see, and it is located within 30 minutes of attractions I am interested in in one area and within 35 minutes of the things I am interested in in another.

Find the lodging option that works for you and book it ahead of time if possible. Not having a place to stay confirmed could mean time spent looking for one when you would rather being enjoying all of the things the area has to offer.

Transportation is often a concern when traveling but fortunately, the Peak District offers extensive public transportation by train or by bus. There is no need to worry about a vehicle when visiting the Peak District unless you choose to.

There is much to do in the Peak District and it is worth the effort to plan ahead to be able to experience as much as you can. Please tell us about your experiences visiting the Peak District. What would you recommend to check out for visitors with three days to spend?

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