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How to Get the Best Deals on Hotel Rooms

Posted by Sophia Jones on 10/02/2017

Travelling to a new city is an altogether different experience. In addition to exploring some of the well-known destinations, you get to make the most of your holidays when you have the best accommodation. No matter what your preferences are, you should always look for a place that is well within your budget. If you have plans to visit the city of dreams – London, you will be looking for a place to stay, so let us have a glance on the ways to get the best deals on hotel rooms.

Research and Compare Prices Online


Research and compare prices online
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If you are travelling to a new place, it is advisable you have done some research work at your end, in advance. You can easily find websites that use metasearch engines and offer you with the best hotel options. If you are lucky enough, you also get a chance to avail attractive discounts when you make your bookings using websites such as – Agoda, Orbit, Trivago, and may more. Watch for weekly hotel deals on Simply Holiday Deals as well. We hand-pick the best travel deals from top suppliers. 

Make sure you have made a choice for at least three hotels having all the features and facilities you are looking for in a hotel. Well, if you are getting all these amenities in a 3-star hotel, then there is no point opting for a 5-star hotel. Make sure you have taken your time to compare the prices and then make a final choice that suits your budget and requirements. You can compare hotel prices using the Simply Holiday Deals compare tool

Share a Room with Two or More Persons if Possible


Share A Room With Two Or More Persons If Possible
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Look for a sharing possibility with two or more persons. This will come handy in reducing your expenses. You can double the joy of your trip when you have someone with whom you can share your trip, even the bills. If you don’t have a nature of being too picky or you don’t share a room with the strangers, then there are other options you can consider such as – hostels, this option can be cheaper than a private room in a swanky hotel.

Using Coupons Can Get You the Best Deals


Using Coupons Can Get You The Best Deals
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Aside from conducting a research on the hotel rooms, you can also look for discount coupons. With the help of these coupons, you can have the lowest deals on your favourite hotels. Making the most of these coupons will also help you save a significant amount of money, which can be better used to explore the tourist attractions of London.  Simply Holiday Deals searches for the best hotel discount coupons

Booking at the Last Minute


Booking At The Last Minute
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Making a booking at the last minute will prove beneficial for impromptu or the short getaways locally. Although it is not advisable to make a last minute booking if you are planning an international trip or longer holidays, it can be a great choice when you are flexible with your preferences.

There are various mobile apps that can come handy here. With the help of these apps, you stand a chance of negotiating attractive discounts for the rooms that are not selling well. You can also make your booking directly with the hotel face-to-face or on the phone so that you can put your negotiating skills to test and can have the best price that suits you. You can also find last minute travel deals on Simply Holiday Deals

Know the Best Time to Book


Know The Best Time To Book
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A good tip to be aware of while making a booking for a hotel is that the price of a room may undergo several changes within a day. There are two main reasons for such price fluctuations – the current inventory of the hotel and the number of people booking rooms in a day. If you have the time and you can wait, then it is advisable to wait and see if the price changes. Keep pressing that refresh button repeatedly, you might find come across a favourable price.    

Be Familiar with the Total Cost


Be Familiar With The Total Cost
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Be smart by making yourself familiar with the total cost. You will find hotels charging a resort fee that you won’t find in the online quote. Then you may get a surprise when you will be charged for the breakfast, parking charges, Wi-Fi, and use of the gym. You can avoid these undesirable surprises by asking about the fees and how much they will actually cost you.

Be Wary of the Advanced Payments


Be Wary Of The Advanced Payments
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You have to be extra cautious when it comes to advanced payments. If you book with a service that requires advance payment, make sure you have read the fine print thoroughly. Most importantly, you should know how much it will cost you just in case you have to cancel.

Planning a Trip In the Off-Season


Planning A Trip In The Off-Season
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During the tourist peak season, the occupancy rates are always sky high and not to mention the rates too. If you want to grab the best deal on hotel rooms, make sure you plan your trip during the tourist off-season. Yes, you will miss out all the action and the major events, but you get to save considerably on costs. Not many people know that the best hotels reserve their best rates for the off-season; you just have to look around. If you opt for making reservations in advance then it will be great and ensure you have a great place to stay during your trip.  You can find the cheapest places to visit by month on Simply Holiday Deals

These are some of the best ways you can try out to get the best deals on the hotel rooms for your next trip.

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