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How to Choose the Best Accommodations While Travelling

Posted by Dorothy Goodman on 02/03/2017
How to Choose the Best Accommodations While Travelling Featured Photo

Booking accommodations for your next trip may feel overwhelming because of the endless options available for every kind of traveller. From traditional hotels or off-the-beaten-path hostels to a holiday rental in an old castle or a home-away-from-home in a treehouse found on Airbnb, accommodations are out there to suit every travel need. Is your highest priority proximity to the area’s best sightseeing? Are you looking for a romantic getaway or an apartment in the midst of the town’s hustle and bustle? Maybe you are travelling on business and need a comfortable bed to lay your head.


No matter what your requirements are for the perfect accommodations, your wildest travel dreams can come true with the right know-how for booking. This article is a step-by-step resource to help you choose the best accommodations while travelling.    


Accommodation Resources


Gathering information is the best way to start planning your next trip. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet or Fodor’s are an age-old method for learning about your destination prior to your trip. Your local bookstore or library will have several travel books to choose from. Some books are geared more towards tourist attractions or historical perspectives, so flip through a few books to choose the one that is most informative about your travelling objective. For every town in the region, you are travelling to, guidebooks outline hotels, hostels, and Bed-and-Breakfasts are available. Each accommodation typically comes with price ranges, a brief description, and pros and cons to help the reader choose the best one for their trip.


If you are interested in experiencing a city like a local, the recent development of “vacation rentals by owner” online might be worth a look. Websites like and are becoming more and more popular modes of travel. The websites allow the traveler to select desired dates, price ranges, number of guests, and type of room. You can also filter your online search depending other amenities you need, such as pet-friendly or wheelchair access.


When I travel I like to keep a couple nights unreserved, so I can have room for spontaneity. If you are willing to take the risk, you may just stumble upon the best accommodations on the spot. Most of the time neither guidebooks nor online research show travellers all the options available for making accommodations. Once you are on the road, talking to locals or flipping through the city’s magazine will lead you to your best accommodations. Ask your tour guide for recommendations, or enquire with the clerk at a local shop for suggestions of places to stay. Be wary of scams, but being open to suggestions from the people who know will typically take you to the best places on the planet.


Filter Your Search


Before you start on your search for travel accommodations, ask yourself, “What are the three most important requirements for my trip accommodations?” If you are on a tight budget, set a price range to filter out options that are not in question. Usually, location is important for choosing accommodations, so know the area you want to look. Filtering your options will simplify your search, whether in a guidebook or online and help you to find exactly what you are looking for.

When you are reading descriptions of accommodations online, use your own filter to choose the best options. Take note of the ad. I believe that thought-out listings with attractive, good quality pictures reflect the host and the reliability of having a seamless experience. Read all descriptions carefully and look for details about house rules and specifics on the space. Online reviews are helpful in giving you insight into past visitor’s experience at the listing. Both and verify their hosts, as well as guests, so you know reviews are reliable. If nothing else, go with your gut feeling based on past travel experiences.


Accommodations Are All About Experience


No matter where you stay, you are going to reap the benefits of staying in an unknown place. You will experience new things and make memories that will last you a lifetime. The opportunity to stay in the most diverse accommodations is constantly improving and expanding. Be thankful for the experience of travel and appreciative of the place you stay. Constantly learn from your mistakes in order to improve your travel experience.


With endless accommodation options out there, you should be able to find the right spot that meets your needs every time you travel. However, traveling is a learning experience. Take note of the things you liked, and maybe the things you would change, so you can choose more wisely next time. Constantly improve your selection criteria to apply to your next holiday.


Choosing the Best Accommodations for You Is Fun!


It is exciting to dream big when it comes to planning a holiday. Travelling is a unique opportunity to experience places and people that you would otherwise not know and grow in ways that you never thought possible. When you are planning your next travel excursion, take care to research accommodations in the area. Know your criteria and know your options. You will uncover great places! Whether you are looking for a cozy cabin in the woods or a cheap hotel centrally located to the sites you want to see, your next trip will be elevated by the accommodation choices you make. Read guidebooks or search online. The best adventure is out there waiting for you. Wait no longer – book your accommodations now – you will not regret it.


About the Author: This article was written by Dorothy Goodman, savvy travel blogger at, a personal travel blog of Adrian Sameli. To connect with Dorothy, follow her on Facebook.

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