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Holiday Travelling: Our Top Tips to Travel Like a Pro on Christmas Holiday

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 03/12/2014
Holiday Travelling: Our Top Tips to Travel Like a Pro on Christmas Holiday

The holidays are drawing near and you are starting to get excited about your few days off when you will be travelling with family or friends. Whether you are looking forward to enjoying the snowy slopes, escaping to an exotic location, discovering a new city, or lounging on a luxurious cruise, one thing is for certain: you know the airports will be packed, the airplanes full and the hotels bursting with fellow travellers.

Travelling over the Christmas holidays can be notoriously busy, which can turn out to be a hectic experience for you. But check out our tips below to make sure you avoid as much stress as you can and enjoy the wonderful experience that is travelling over the winter holidays.

1.  Avoid peak travel dates: If you are flying to your destination for the holidays and haven’t yet booked your ticket, check your holiday dates carefully so you avoid the busiest days at the airport. Christmas and New Year’s day fall on a Thursday this year, which will definitely make travel more even throughout the week. But if you can avoid travelling on weekends, you know you will have a greater chance of enjoying a more peaceful travel experience.

2.  Avoid peak travel times: Try to fly out very early in the morning or later at night – you are more likely to find emptier planes and smaller lines at the airport. If you are travelling by car, try to head out of the house earlier in the day to avoid heavy traffic.

3.  Compare prices carefully: If you are yet to book your tickets, make sure you compare prices from different agencies carefully and do so several times throughout the week to make sure you get the best price for your holiday package. But then again, we do that for you right here at Simply Holiday Deals so you can just check in with us throughout the week to check out the best deals we’ve picked up from different travel agencies.

4.  Research your destination beforehand: Especially if you are going somewhere new and/or exotic, make sure you do your research on your holiday destination. What are the visa requirements? Is your passport still valid? Will you need to have vaccinations beforehand or to take some medication while you are away? It is super easy to prepare ahead and you will be much more at ease.

5.  Pack like a pro: Leave behind anything you can pick up at your destination (like shower gel, extra diapers for your baby, etc.) and ship your gifts ahead of time so you don’t need to carry them with you. You can find loads more of useful tips on our special guide for Holiday Packing.

6.  Make a Plan B: Travelling over the Christmas holidays is extremely hectic for two reasons: loads of passengers and an unpredictable weather. If you are flying somewhere even colder than the UK, be prepared for flight delays or even cancellations. Have a Plan B ready to put into action so you know beforehand what your next best flight options are. Getting to know your airport beforehand or having the numbers of nearby hotels in your phone will also come in handy in case of long delays.

7.  Leave as early as possible: Airports will be super busy during the Christmas holidays so leave even earlier than you would leave usually to make sure you still have time to catch your flight. Airport security will take longer and baggage drop-off lines will be longer so allow yourself plenty of time. If you are travelling by car, leaving early is also important to make sure you are not delayed by unexpected traffic.

8.  Let people know: Let people know your itinerary, where you will be staying and when you are meant to come back home. Your neighbours, family members and even close friends can keep up with your travels through flight tracking websites and applications. You will feel safer knowing that if something happens and your plans change, there will be plenty of people available to help out.

9.  Be nice: Travelling over the Christmas holidays will be hectic. You will be surrounded by too many people, waiting in lines for too long, and feeling like you’re rushing through everything. But it’s Christmas, and being nice to everyone you come across will only help in making your journey more pleasant.

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