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Hawaii’s Breathtaking Natural Wonders [Slideshow]

Posted by Nicole West on 10/03/2017
Hawaii’s Breathtaking Natural Wonders [Slideshow]

Hawaii’s natural wonders might just be the earth’s version of movie stars, with roles in blockbusters including Raiders of the Lost Arc and Jurassic Park.  

It’s also one of the premier travel destinations of the world, with the white sand beaches, sparkling ocean, balmy breezes and orange sunsets that holiday dreams are made of.

Then, you’ve got cocktails in Waikiki, horseback riding, snorkeling, Pearl Harbor and Polynesian cultural performances. Plus the shopping, with bargains galore at outlets, factory stores and markets.

And did we mention the fabulous resorts with family-friendly attractions, beautiful swimming pools and great service?

But, it’s Hawaii’s natural wonders that inspire awe-struck gasps, time and again. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most breathtaking.


  • Halekala Crater

    A landscape that’s truly out of this world, Halekala Crater, on the island of Maui, is a ‘must see’. The surrounding Halekala National Park houses rare and endangered species, bamboo forests and Hawaiian myths and legends.

  • Napali Coast

    To see Kauai’s Napali Coast, you’ll need to hike, boat or fly in by seaplane or helicopter. You’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, towering green cliffs and a natural setting where time stands still.

  • Kilauea Volcano

    Located on the Big Island, Kilauea is an active volcano that simply loves putting on a show. The Volcanoes National Park is where you need to go, to explore the ever-changing scenery.

  • Hanauma Bay

    If you love snorkelling, Hanauma Bay, in Oahu, is one of the best spots you’re ever likely to find. The wide variety of marine life includes turtles, butterfly fish, trumpet fish and living coral.

  • Diamond Head

    It’s one of Hawaii’s most recognizable natural landmarks, offering a dramatic backdrop to Honolulu. It was originally named for the sparkling crystals embedded in the rock and you can hike to the top for superb views.

  • Waimea Canyon

    Nicknamed the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, Waimea Canyon showcases Kauai’s dramatic interior, via deep gorges, rugged cliffs and thundering waterfalls.

  • Hanalei Bay

    The dream image of a pristine beach, backed by lush, green mountains comes true, at Hanalei Bay, on Kauai. There are beach parks with all the facilities you need for a day trip, plus great surf for beginners and pros.

  • Molokai

    On the island of Molokai, natural wonders are everywhere you look, and they’re not overshadowed by touristy gimmicks. This is where you get to step back in time, nap under a palm tree and cycle or hike through magical mountains.

  • Hawaii's Big Waves

    Known as the birthplace of surfing, Hawaii’s waves deserve a mention all to themselves. Some of the best spots for recreational surfers, include Hanalei on Kauai and Canoes, Oahu.