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Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK

Posted by Jenna Thorne on 17/03/2017
Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK Photo1

What about spending the holiday vacation of late spring in a sparsely populated and naturally rich region of England? Yes, we are talking of Northumberland the northernmost county of England sharing a border with Scotland. There is nothing like roaming the empty spaces and vast coastline of Northumberland with a Harley Davidson. When it comes to biking around this scenic county in England, Harley Davidson bikes invariably leaps to our mind. Jennings Harley Davidson Gateshead is the newest company store in this English county. Let us introduce here some of the most visited places in Northumberland with your Harley Davidson bike.


Coastal Plains And Castles

 Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK Photo1
photo credit: pixabay

Northumberland is one of the counties in England with uninterrupted vast coastline and a lot of castles. In fact, it is also the county with the highest number of castles in England and a vast majority of them is located close to the sea. There are several adventure parks as well along this coastline that stretches almost the entire length of the county.  Many consider the coastline of Northumberland as the most attractive adventure destination in the north of England. Here you can find several adventure sports activities including windsurfing, coasteering, etc. To add to the adventurous spirit of your Northumberland visit, you can buy Harley Davidson T-shirts from the Gateshead shop as well.


Quiet Mountainside

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photo credit: pixabay

Northumberland is one of the quietest English counties and offers spectacular mountainside views as well. For anyone seeking a quick weekend getaway, it is the ideal destination with too many options. The scenic cottages in the lush green mountain slopes contrasted by vast open spaces makeup just the ideal location to pacify your senses and immerse in the tranquility of the region. The beautiful swinging roads encircling the mountain slopes will provide scenic getaways for mountain bikers. In spite of being so sparsely populated the enter county offers so many quality options to put up for the night and get the authentic feel of living in a scenic English countryside. You cannot find another sumptuous destination in England with so beautiful countryside with so many vast spaces around.


Quiet English Towns With Their Laid-Back Atmosphere

 Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK Photo3
photo credit: pixabay

What about finding a place straight from the old world country movies or books? Yes, at first visit many of the quiet towns of Northumberland are just seem to be belonging to a different time and era. As soon as you enter such a small town with your adventure bike you understand that a new and unthought-of of experience is waiting for you. But if you think that these quiet towns will be bereft of any modern facilities you are absolutely wrong. All these small towns in Northumberland in spite of their small population are well managed and offer good facilities for the visiting travelers. These small cities and towns are just like tiny dots in the empty spaces and vast coastal plains of the county. For any first-timer, Northumberland holds more charms than any English countryside destinations.


Visiting The Medieval Market Town Of Alnwick

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photo credit: pixabay

If as a traveler and adventure rider in the English county you want to bring back home the memories of one city enter Northumberland then it must be Alnwick. The praises to the old world charm of this city will always be less than what it actually deserves. This city with its celebrated castles, vintage shops, and beautiful laid-back Gardens just offered the right mood and ambiance perfect for countryside touring. The city also offers the famous Howick Hall and Garden with its well-known collection of vintage teas including the earliest variety of Earl Grey tea.


Enjoying The Stargazing And Camping Outside

 Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK Photo5
photo credit: pixabay

Northumberland is also an ideal place in England for outdoor camping. The vast open spaces and a long stretch of coastline offer many places suitable to camp outdoor and spend a few days in the lap of nature. You can find the darkest night sky here in Northumberland. A stargazing experience with the entire Milky Way spread before your eyes just give you memories of a lifetime. The abounding nature with sprawling spaces and unadulterated skyline just give this county its sublime charm and for a traveler off the beaten track, there cannot be a better and more sumptuous location in England than this.