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Greek Islands: Where to Sail the Waters Less Chartered

Posted by Dirce Carolina Guerra Quezada on 31/07/2016
Greek Islands-Where to Sail the Waters Less Chartered

As you’re all gathered around the dinner table, you can’t wait to tell your husband’s family about your upcoming sailing adventure to the Greek Islands. That is, until you find out that they’re all going as well, and they’re bringing their friends, and someone’s aunt, and by the time you get to Mykonos you find yourself pushing through sweaty throngs of sunburnt tourists and screaming children as you look for a place to set your beach towel. Suddenly the only getaway you dream of is a good book and and a salt bath back home.

Fortunately, for whatever reasons, tourists have a way of staying within the limits of popular destinations. There are other Greek Islands that offer a real getaway. On a bareboat charter in Greece you can choose calmer shores, small fishing villages and the kind of destinations you imagined you’d be visiting when you first booked. Here are three of the beautiful Greek Islands islands that haven’ t been exploited by tourism just yet – but don’t tell the family just in case.

Ithaca – the first stop on your sailing Odyssey

The city that houses Cornell University in the US is more famous than the place it was named after, unless you are acquainted with the classics, of course, in which case you’ll know Ithaca as the home of Odysseus. The island’s capital lies inward of one of the world’s biggest natural harbours, making for calm sailing before docking beside a statue of war-ready Odysseus. In the town you’ll find restaurants, taverns and important archaeological sites. Steer your boat along to the other side of the island to find pristine, and empty, white sandy beaches.

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Koufonisia – when two is better than one

Koufonisia is actually two islands, both of which have become popular for their perfect beaches. But fret not, tourism hasn’t ruined either of these natural getaways. The best, freshest Greek cuisine is served in taverns throughout both the upper (Ano) and lower (Kato) Koufonisia. If you’ve been looking for a great place to go snorkelling, these islands are home to amazing sea caves, gently carved by the calm, crystal clear water that makes this part of the Mediterranean so special. 

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Paxoi – Anti Paxoi is even more pro Paxos

The smallest of all the Ionian Islands, Paxoi is the photogenic Greek destination pictured in every brochure. From pearl-coloured sand to old fishing villages with windy little streets and great restaurants serving the catch of the day. Paxoi is true holiday peace and perfection. If you’re on your honeymoon, you might want to consider sailing to nearby Anti Paxoi, a secluded island where two people can share an unspoilt romantic sunset.

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Your husband’s family will do a retake when they see your holiday snaps. Where did you find those picture-perfect spots that weren’t drowned in flesh and flashy clubs? Book a bareboat charter in order to find those coves that no one else knows about, taverns only locals go to and beaches where you’ll be the only ones enjoying a perfect sunset.