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Get the Most from Your Travels with These Great Apps

Posted by Mark Smith on 05/01/2016
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With no end of flights and trains to organise, things to see, bags to pack correctly and language barriers to overcome, travel can be stressful. The key to getting the most out of your travels is managing this stress as best you can, and there are no end of Smartphone apps which can help you do just that, both in advance of your setting off and once you’re on the move, to help you deal with those unexpected variables which are an inevitable part of any travel experience. Here are a few of our favourites.


expedia app

Well known to internet users as a travel search and comparison website for flights and hotels, Expedia’s app translates these features into a handy and easy-to-use format. The app comes with specific benefits, featuring mobile-only discounts on last-minute hotel bookings and the ability to specifically search through and filter reviews. Once you’ve found your preferred hotel and flights, you can book them at the touch of a button.

mac app  google app

XE Currency

XE Currency App

Currency conversion is one of the most common and recurrent difficulties when travelling to foreign countries, particularly for those of us who don’t count mental maths as a forte. Thankfully, the free app XE Currency is on hand to help. Slick, user friendly and always up to date with the latest conversion rates, this will help you get the best deal when you’re changing your currency before you leave, and figure out how much things will cost when you’re on the move.  An incredibly useful app.

mac app  google app

The Montcalm App

the mountcalm hotel app

Comparison sites and apps like Expedia are all very well, but once you’ve chosen your hotel, or if you haven’t but have a preferred hotel chain or brand, then company-specific apps allow you to personalize your experience even more. The Montcalm App allows you to browse all the Montcalm luxury hotels in London, with image galleries and information on each of the luxurious properties. You can then book at the touch of a button, and edit and manage your reservation through the app. Check-in and check-out are easier than ever, allowing you to bypass the reception desk, and you can save money on your stay by staying up-to-date with the latest deals and offers via push notifications through the app.

mac app  google app

Packing Pro

packing pro app

Packing is the bane of many a traveller’s life. Knowing what to take to what place and striking the perfect balance between fashion and practicality is an age-old problem, made even more difficult on multi-destination trips or those intent on packing everything they’ll need into a bag which will fit in hand luggage. Packing Pro is a brilliant app, available on iPhone for £1.99, which comes up with brilliant essential packing lists based on where you’re going, who with and how long for. Handily, it splits the lists into essentials and non-essentials, so you’ll never forget that all-important passport again and only squeeze in that extra pair of shoes if you’ve really got the space.

mac app


sunscreen app

Arguably the most important thing to remember to pack, given the implications for your health, you should never forget sunscreen. Of course, though, just remembering sunscreen isn’t enough: you need to know what factor to bring and remember when to re-apply it. This great app, free for iPhone from the App Store, detects the UVI rating of your current location and sets a countdown timer to remind you when you’re next due a slathering. It’s so specific that it alters the countdown depending on your skin type and the SPF factor of the cream you have with you. A great app for the forgetful among us which will help you soak up some rays stress-free.

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