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Get the most out of your Staycation in the UK [Infographic]

Posted by Maura Morrison on 14/09/2016
Get the most out of your Staycation in the UK Featured Image

Staycation are a great way to take an action packed holiday without having to head off to the Continent or further afield. Here in the UK you can watch aquatic mammals, such as dolphins, Minke and Humpback whales in their natural habitat, go on wine tasting tours, or spend your holistay gorge scrambling, kayaking, rock climbing or sailing. If you are looking for winter sports you can do that in the UK too.

You would be wrong if you thought these holiday pursuits were second choice; skiing in the Scottish Highlands is akin to taking to the slopes in France or Italy. Wine tasting in the beautiful south of England will leave your taste buds tingling as the light, fruity whites and sparkling wines have won prestigious awards and beaten the French hands down.

Activity holistays can be taken in various parts of the UK. The dramatic scenery in the Lake District is ideal for water orientated and land sports, where rock climbing will take you to new heights and those who love exploring wildlife will not be let down but the abundance of creatures and birds that live in the area.

If you are looking for a fun filled, action packed holiday and don’t want to get on a plane or ferry across the Channel, take a look at this infographic and see what the UK has to offer; you won’t be disappointed.

Abroad in the UK [Infographic]