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Get Away To These Wine Regions This Autumn 2015

Posted by Nicole West on 21/10/2015
Get Away To These Wine Regions This Autumn 2015

If you’re a wine buff, there’s no better time to visit the world’s most famous wine regions, than autumn. The vineyards are harvested and the wonderful smell of fermenting grapes splices the air. So you can make the most out of wine festivals, tours and tastings, here’s a look at three  of our favourites.

1. Burgundy, France

Burgundy, in central France, has a rich history in wine production, with villages such as Chablis famous for light, dry whites. Due to specific soil and climate conditions, Burgundy produces the finest examples of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, making it the region of choice for lovers of the renowned wines.

You can hit the well-worn path on wine tastings and tours, by foot, boat or bike and discover spectacular country views, quaint villages and market towns along the way. Explore Romanesque structures, magnificent castles, untouched wilderness and a gastronomic scene with cheese featuring heavily on the menu.

Base yourself in Dijon, to be surrounded by medieval and Renaissance buildings, restaurants, shops and ample opportunities to stroll through the charming streets and work off some of the wine and cheese. From here, you can go on day trips to castles, villages, ruins, the Morvan National Park and into the heart of wine country.

Get Away To These Wine Regions This Autumn 2015

2. Catalonia, Spain

It’s impossible to resist a cool, sparkling glass of cava in Spain and Catalonia produces the world-famous drop. In the north east of the country, the region offers a wealth of natural beauty, with vineyard covered hills, a sunny coastline and the mighty Pyrenees.

Catalonia’s wine region is unique in Spain, due to the versatility of styles. Penedès, located less than an hour from Barcelona, is an area that produces white and rosé cava, dry reds, dry whites and dessert whites. Wine making in the area derives from the ancient Romans, so a tour of the region is steeped in history and architecture.

You can take a Segway ride through vineyards, learn how to prune vines and participate in workshops as you taste your way through a wine connoisseurs paradise. Other notable wine regions include Priorat, Montsant and Emporda. As Barcelona is so close, the vibrant city is the perfect base for day-trip exploration of Catalonia’s wine region.

Get Away To These Wine Regions This Autumn 2015

3. Tuscany, Italy

At the top of many a travel bucket list, sits a visit to Tuscany, to sip on Chianti with a view of rolling hills and olive groves. As a region that bursts with history, vibrancy, gastronomic delights and an insatiable thirst for ‘la dolce vita’, a wine tour here exceeds even the most romantic expectations. Winemaking in Tuscany has evolved throughout the centuries and Italy’s most famous wine, Chianti, is in good company with Brunelllo de Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano.

Stay in Pisa to visit the Colline Pisane wine region. Florence is the gateway to Chianti land and the coastal region of Maremma is where the Super Tuscan wines are produced. No matter where you decide to stay, you’ll be in the vicinity of sun-drenched vineyards with superb whites and reds to sip, as the sun goes down over the Tuscan hills.

Get Away To These Wine Regions This Autumn 2015