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Galesnjak Island, the Most Heart-shaped Island in the World

Posted by Romeo Demes on 25/11/2016
Galesnjak: The Most Heart-shaped Island in the World Featured Image

Galesnjak Island – tiny, uninhabited, no natural beauties, scanty vegetation, shrubs to be precise. As a matter of fact, it is a desert Island. By now you must be wondering what next demeaning description follows in the sequence. That’s not the case though. In a sharp contrast, the phenomenal Croatian Island is a meritorious wonder-of-the-world nature masterpiece, boasting of unrivaled popularity among all Earth’s islands. Thanks to its sensational distinction: a near-perfect heart shape. It leaves you outrageously curious whether planets also have hearts. If true, then this would undeniable be Earth’s heart: it is the most heart-shaped island in the world.

Located on the Pasman channel in Adriatic sea, the 0.135 km squared Galesnjak Island came into global limelight again – since Napoleon’s cartographer, Charles Francois, first documented it in the early 19th century – when Google Earth captured its unique shape in 2009, since which it has risen steadily as a star in the tourism industry. It has interestingly fanned up the world of romance. Lovebirds birds from all corners of the world are streaming in annually to get the feel of its marginal charm. Couples visit the Island for honeymoon, anniversary celebrations, and men choose it as destination to propose to their soulmates. Now it is dubbed ‘The Island of Love’, ‘Lovers’ Island’, ‘Isle of Love’, among other adorning names.

So, what’s the take from this heart-shaped uninhabited desert island? Bare in mind that there isn’t a single man-made building, let alone tourist facilities: just but a rocky terrain dotted with shrubs and olive trees. However, most people find its wild adventurous atmosphere irresistible. You can’t help but fall in love with the immersing isolation and tranquility. Furthermore, it is surrounded by the breathtaking and scenic emerald-blue waters of the Pasman channel and other Croatian wonders of nature. If you crave a romantic swim, there are several pebble beaches on site for you to free your spirit. What a paradise! Indeed a perfect set-up for everlasting romantic memories.

Galesnjak: The Most Heart-shaped Island in the World
Photo credit:
Vlada Republike Hrvatske (

Love aside, Galesnjak has also been crowned as ‘The Island of Peace’, owing to olive trees vastly planted on it by the owner: the olive branch symbolizes love and peace. Plans are underway to connect it with other existing heart-shaped islands across the Earth’s waters in a project christened ‘The World Archipelago of Love’. This will indeed be a signature boost to tourism in Croatia. Moreover, the Ministry of Tourism in Croatia, together with the Croatian National Tourism Board, recognize it as a national treasure. Not forgetting, Galesnjak has also enjoys coverage from several influential media such as National Geographic, Huffington, among others, a clear indication that its popularity is bound to keep rising. 

Although there are no buildings and facilities, Galesnjak Island still qualifies as an ideal chill-out, camping, swimming or picnic site to share quality romantic memories. There is no better way to rekindle passion, warmth and affection than traveling to this amazing island. How do you get there? There are no ferry lines to Galesnjak, and the only way to get there is via a boat or yacht. Fortunately, for tourist without their own vessel, there are many local Croatian charter in both Pasman Island and Zadar.

Featured Photo: From Above via Flickr