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France -­ A Country Where the Mystery Begins

Posted by Anja Djuric on 19/12/2015
France ­ A Country Where the Mystery Begins

The excellent cuisine, beautiful castles, wineries, Paris, and unforgettable coast and ski resorts in the Alps. These are just some of the positive sides of this charming European country. While Paris might be the most popular tourist destination, the truth is that the vast majority of the most beautiful attractions are located in the interior of the country. In this article we will discover some of the most interesting and hidden historic treasures in France.


When you think about Provance, you imagine sun filled landscapes, scent of herbs and endless fields of wild thyme and lavender. This idyllic region offers a plenty of treasures to see, such as, Roman ruins and the narrow streets in Arles preserved on canvas by Van Gogh, one of the greatest post­impressionist painters. Allow yourself to relax and attend Lavender Route all the way from the Abbaye de Senanque to a wide purple swath that ranges across the Drome and the Vaucluse.

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Food and wine are a central part of French life and therefore you should not leave this magical region without tasting olive oil on a farm, or a bowl of bouillabaisse, the king of regional dishes, on Marseille’s harbor side.

Pont Du Gard

One of the most beautiful Roman ruins in Europe, the Pont Du Gard is considered a remarkable piece of ancient architecture. Discover its magic on the benches of the river Gardon and move back in pastoral time surrounded by magnificent and unique Mediterranean landscapes. Ancient history left its traces around the Pont Du Gard preserving the tradition of wine, wheat and olive culture in the area. In the place where land, water and sky meet, the Pont Du Gard opens its door to greet all the people wishing to explore this ancient monument and enjoy in a magical setting of untouched nature.

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Usse Castle

Have you ever dreamed about visiting a perfect fairytale kind of a castle? Chateau D’Usse served as the inspiration for the rise of the legend of the Sleeping Beauty. This legendary mansion has more than ten centuries of history to offer to its visitors.

Surrounded by a six hundred hectare park, this historical monument receives about one hundred thousands visitors per year. Chateau D’Usse has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage and it is the only privately owned castle that has been owned by the same family for more than two centuries.

Begin your journey in one of the stunning French style gardens decorated with orange trees, which can be over a hundred years old. Dominated by asymmetry and geometrical shapes, the King’s garden will simply take your breath away. His gardener neglected the standard rules of horticulture and created gorgeous area decorated by ornamental lakes and fountains.

Proceed to the richly detailed entrance of the hall and stop for a moment to admire the famous spiral staircase designed by Mansart. They will lead you to the king’s chamber that dates all the way back to the 17th century. It was redesigned in 1995 and furnished with high-class furniture dating back to 17th century.

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Brittany is France’s northwest region extending all the way towards the Atlantic Ocean. This charming region has a lot to offer to its visitors. For those of you who want to spend their holiday relaxing, there is plenty of outstanding nature and the only thing you need is a good book and positive thinking. On the other side, for those of you who want to be more active, there is endless list of things to do and explore. Rest, relax, recharge your batteries, spend time with your family and friends, swim, read a good book, play sports, see and explore different things.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Brittany that is more charming than an apartment but larger than a villa and more personal than a hotel you should book your stay at Chateau du Grand Val.

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This charming palace dates back to the 15th century and contains enough rooms to accommodate 14 persons. Package includes seven stunning double rooms with large open fireplace, library and outstanding views. If you book your stay during the spring or autumn period you will be able to enjoy the heated pool and all the comforts of the countryside. 

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