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Five Top Travel Bloggers Who Give Us Endless Wanderlust!

Posted by Nazir Adams on 01/09/2015
Five Top Travel Bloggers

Planning your next holiday escape but not sure where exactly to go? Take a look at these five travel bloggers for your destination inspiration!


1.  Michelle Karam – The Travel Junkie


Based in Dubai for over 30 years, this expat is a full-time mom as well as a full-time wanderlust. She spends her days helping tourism boards promote destinations around the world and also continues to explore the city of Dubai when she is not hopping on a plane to another exotic destination. Her interests include yoga music and travel, so expect her blog and social media portals to be based on these interests, as well as luxury travel options.


You can read about things to do in Dubai and more at



2. Brooke Saward – World of Wanderlust


Famed as one of the most popular travel bloggers in the world, Brooke from World of Wanderlust has been travelling constantly for over two years. She has built her blog into a successful business, releasing various guidebooks and podcasts that contain travel tips and destination information. If you are particularly interested in solo travel, she has tonnes of great tips related to travelling alone. If nothing else, her Instagram feed is like no other travel blogger out there and her beautiful pictures will keep you scrolling for hours.


You can read her latest blog posts about Berlin on her website:



3. The Travel Manuel 


This husband and wife travel team spend most of their days between sunny Cape Town and humid Malaysia. They both contribute to an array of travel magazines and publications and talk about travelling as a couple and conscious tourism, amongst other things. Their posts are extensive and informative and provide great tips that you wouldn’t get from most travel websites.  These nomads will inspire you to get on a plane to Asia straight away!


Follow their travels in Malaysia and beyond here:



4. Rachelle Lucas – The Travel Bite


Looking for the best places to eat when heading out to a holiday destination? Then it is likely that Rachelle from the Travel Bite has been there and tasted it. Her blog and social media portals contain images of various “bites” from around the globe. With more than 40 countries under her belt, she really is the go-to person to look up if you are wanting to experience a foodie holiday from someone who has tried more dishes than we could only imagine!


Experience her great travel lists here:



5. Matt Long – Landlopers


This former cubicle dweller (as he likes to call himself) has made travel his profession and wants everyone to know that it can be easy to travel to great places on a tight budget. His blog is a reflection of his adventures and an information hub of travel knowledge and he really gives a great perception of male travel. Follow his adventures to all corners of the globe on his website and social channels as he writes about food, monuments and his passion, travel photography.


Read more about Matt’s adventures: 



Whether you are looking for a beach resort Dubai or a yoga retreat in Nepal, these travel bloggers are likely to have all the information you need to make sure that your trip stays on budget and is the best adventure of your life!