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Find Santa with New, Direct Flights to Lapland

Posted by Nicole West on 12/12/2016
Find Santa with New, Direct Flights to Lapland

Carols, swirling snow and the anticipation of Santa’s arrival heralds the start of the festive season. Where better to celebrate, then in the official home town of everyone’s favourite gift bearer?

According to Travel Daily Media, this year new scheduled flights make it easy to access Rovaniemi, Kittila and Ivalo, from the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

The increased flights mean that the tourist season is set to boom in Finland and, with so much snowy fun to be had, continue for years to come.

Find Santa with New, Direct Flights to Lapland

What to do in Rovaniemi

A true winter wonderland, Rovaniemi captures the imagination and evokes awe with the magic of nature. Best of all, you can fly direct from London, with Norwegian Airlines.

See the Northern Lights

If you’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, Finland’s Rovaniemi is one of the best places to go hunting for them. It’s possible to view the spectacle just a short walk outside the city, at the Arctic Garden behind the Arktikum museum and from the top of Ounasvaara Fell. You can also join an array of interesting tours with the experts, from photography groups to husky sleds and reindeer sleighs.

Find Santa with New, Direct Flights to Lapland

Visit The Santa Claus Village

The Santa Claus Village is open all year round, but there couldn’t be a better time to take the kids, then in December. Apart from meeting the bearded man and enjoying everything that makes Christmas a wonderland of colour and fun, there’s a husky park, snowmobile safaris, a reindeer farm, bars and restaurants.

Get Adventurous

In terms of exciting winter activities, Rovaniemi delivers. Nothing says Christmas like reindeer and here you can hop on board a traditional sleigh, through the snow. For a little bit more speed, a husky sled tour takes you through the forests on the ride of a lifetime.

Snowshoeing is on the rise, as a relaxing way to exercise while breathing in the fresh, arctic air and exploring the forests. Jump on a snowmobile to criss-cross over the alluring, white landscape, or try your hand at ice-fishing for bragging rights when you get home.

Find Santa with New, Direct Flights to Lapland

Sample the Cuisine

Eating fresh produce is at the heart of Rovaniemi’s cuisine and a budding restaurant scene ensures you’ll enjoy it. Most notably, due to the pristine waters, fish is a popular choice and salmon soup is the Lapland special. Root vegetables, such as carrots, turnips and potatoes are found in hearty, warming dishes and fried cheese, otherwise known as ‘bread cheese’, is on the menu for dessert.

Explore the Culture and Wildlife

When it’s time to stay indoors for some cultural delights, visit the Arktikum Museum and Korundi House of Culture. To get up close to brown bears, polar bears, owls, moose, otters and wolves, explore the Ranua Wildlife Park. If you really want to feel like a snow prince or princess, stay in an igloo or a snow hotel. Before you return home, don’t forget to buy local arts and crafts for souvenirs, from an array of shops in the town centre.

Find Santa with New, Direct Flights to Lapland