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The Most Extreme Hotels in the World

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 03/01/2015
The Most Extreme Hotels in the World

With such easy internet access nowadays, it can be hard to travel and feel like you are truly discovering some exotic and different. And especially if you travel often, you can soon begin to feel tired of the same old cookie-cutter hotel rooms. So we’ve put together a list of the most extreme hotels in the world to get you inspired for your future travels or to simply enjoy a virtual tour around the globe.

1.  Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji): As if Fiji wasn’t exotic enough of a travel destination already, when you stay at Poseidon Undersea Resort you’ll feel like you’re on a different planet all together. With rooms located 40 feet underwater, you can enjoy the most luxurious accommodation with an unparalleled view of underwater creatures in their natural habitat.

2.  Hotel Kakslauttanen (Lapland, Finland): Located just next to a magnificent national park, this resort offers lodging in unique glass igloos. The glassed roof make these the best place to watch the Northern Lights (don’t worry, the glass is designed to keep out frost completely so you’ll be warm enough inside).

3.  Green Magic Resort (Kerala, India): You won’t find an elevator or even a staircase (in the traditional sense at least), around here! The playground that is the Green Magic Resort is ideal for adventure seekers and kids at heart who love to stay in the most extreme conditions. The two-story tree fort accommodations are located about 80 to 90 feet above ground and you will have to climb up indigenous cane lifts and cross hanging bridges to get there.

4.  Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Key Largo, Florida, USA): Inspired by Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, this extreme hotel is located 21 feet below the surface in a mangrove habitat only accessible to certified scuba divers. It houses just up to six people and offers many comforts including a gourmet dinner and, of course, unbeatable views.

5.  Burj Al Arab (Dubai, UAE): Set on a man-made island just off the shore of Dubai’s dreamy beach, this luxurious hotel (it self-evaluates itself at 7 stars) is said to be one of the tallest in the world at 321 feet high. Its elegant design has made this one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings and its lavish interior will take your breath away.

6.  Hyatt Capital Gate Tower (Abu Dhabi, UAE): Officially the hotel with the largest angle in the world, this exquisite curvaceous tower offers luxurious accommodation especially perfect if you are travelling there on business. And don’t worry, the 18 degrees of inclination won’t affect the comfort of your room – all suites offer the most luxurious amenities to ensure you have the most pleasant stay.

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