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Explore Tadoba National Park

Posted by Water Moore on 21/11/2016
Explore Tadoba National Park

Visiting Tadoba can be an experience to cherish for the lifetime. Tadoba is regarded with great esteem by wildlife lovers because of the rich flora and fauna it comprises of. It is probably among the oldest national parks in the Indian state of Maharashtra, established way back in 1935. This national reserve is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. The closest airport is Nagpur. From Nagpur, you need to head northeast and you are half way towards the amazing wildlife sanctuary. The total area of the reserve is 120 Km approximately. Step into the zone and you will be greeted with the perfect culmination of flora and fauna. The Tadoba National Park along with the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary is commonly referred to as the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve due to the presence of the rarest of the big cat species. The total area of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve covers something around 625.40 square Km.

The National Park – experiencing greenery like never before

The park is mostly covered with deciduous vegetation. It features mostly trees of dry and deciduous nature. The rich vegetation even includes sal, semal, mahua, jamun, mango, etc. Walk down the nature trails of the park and you will never forget the highly pleasurable experience you enjoy. The exotic national park is home to thousands of different bird species. In fact, you visit this place during the winter months and witness rarest of bird species flying in and around. If you are an ardent bird watcher, this is the place to visit during the winter months. You will definitely get the opportunity to observe some really great migratory birds as well as several water birds. However, this park is mostly renowned for the preservation of wild cats. Yes, it is one of the better places to witness tigers. Presently, there are around 80-85 tigers available in this park. Tiger preservation project is going on to prevent the species from getting extinct. Apart from tigers, you will also witness other wildlife species like, Indian bisons, leopards, wild dogs, barking deers, sambars, and chausingas. In fact, this national reserve is home to some endangered species like the civet, hyena and jungle cats. 

Tiger, Tadoba National park
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Visiting Tadoba

Wildlife travel can always be a fascinating experience provided the perfect arrangements are made. Quality Tadoba accommodation options are available for tourists. There are lodges and dormitories available at affordable rates. These are run by the forest department. In fact, the forest department also organizes for the forest safari. Mini-buses are available for the safari. It can accommodate a total of 12 members plus the driver and guide. Those who want a more personalized experience can hire private jeeps to enjoy the ride. The jungle safaris organized and arranged by the Forest Department officials are the best way to explore the park in a convenient and safe way. 

The summer months are best to witness tigers coming out from their den and moving around or drinking water. If tiger watching is the primary reason to visit Tadoba, you can visit the area between mid-April to the early part of June. This is the best time of the year to observe tigers. However, if you are a nature lover and want to experience greenery while witnessing the rarest species of birds and a heavenly atmosphere, the months from mid-November till the early part of March are the best.

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Tadoba is a beautiful place filled with greenery and wildlife species. While planning for the trip, never forget to plan for the best arrangements in terms of accommodation and medical facilities. It’s a wild area; you must be well prepared for anything that comes your way. 

Author Bio: Walter Moore is a wildlife photographer and a blogger. For any information related to Tadoba accommodations, safari times and other points, follow his blog to remain well-informed.